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Graphic: Just Say Now
Here is one of the pro-legalization ads (including a marijuana leaf!) that Google has agreed to run.

​Facebook may think it’s “inappropriate” to run ads depicting marijuana leaves — despite the fact that the ads were so popular, they got 38 million views — but apparently Google has no problem with them.

Google agreed on Wednesday to run the ads, very similar to the ones nixed by Facebook, and which also contain images of marijuana leaves.
The advertisements are for Just Say Now, the pro-legalization group launched this month by Firedoglake blogger Jane Hamsher along with Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).

Marijuana activists were outraged at Facebook this week when the social networking site, which had already been running ads from the group, told the organization that it would no longer run them because they contained images of cannabis leaves, reports Chris Good at The Atlantic.

Graphic: Firedoglake

​Facebook has banned the ads of anti-prohibition group Just Say Now, a campaign for marijuana legalization. Just Say Now ran ads that showed their logo, which uses a marijuana leaf. Despite the ad running more than 38 million times, Facebook has flip-flopped and starting censoring the ads, claiming they promote “tobacco products.”

“In a nutshell, they allowed us to serve our ads for 10 days (38 million impressions), then suddenly reversed their approval and told us we could no longer show the image of a marijuana leaf,” said Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake and the Just Say Now advisory board.
“They said they decided to reclassify it as similar to tobacco, but we said we weren’t trying to encourage people to smoke marijuana, we were supporting a change in U.S. drug policy,” Hamsher said, reports Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing.