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Put yourself in this situation: you’ve just driven across state lines while running from the police when your car skids out and rolls several times into a ditch. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you land upright?
“Oh damn, I’m screwed,” seems most likely.
But one Ohio man clearly thinks differently. He lit up his bong and toked a few while waiting for cops to drag him from the car.

It’s been said that while marijuana doesn’t kill people, the war on marijuana does.
A 42-year-old man allegedly shot himself yesterday after a standoff with Ashville, Ohio police that stemmed from seven marijuana plants and a few jars of herb. News reports say that Timothy Sturgis stood with a gun to his head on the property of his 21-acre home in the woods of Ashville for about two hours before taking his own life as cops moved in. All of this thanks to about $25,000 in herb.

A bizarre story out of Ohio in which a woman burned off her fingerprints to hide her identity has a Colorado connection — one that appears to pertain to Ann Marie Miller, a onetime medical marijuana caregiver charged with assorted crimes who has been written about in other capacities in the past.
The name’s the same and many of the details are extremely similar in a story that’s strange and getting stranger. Denver Westword has more.

Keith Bacongo-Flickr edited by Toke of the Town.

Ohioans looking to legally use medical cannabis will have to wait at least another year (or move) as activists collecting signatures for the November ballot failed to reach their goal.
While Ohio Rights Group managed to collect around 100,000 signatures – a commendable figure – they failed to get the necessary 385,000 signatures.
The biggest obstacle: money. The reality of today’s political landscape is that you need paid signature gatherers or it is hard to get anything on the ballot today. John Pardee, ORG President said their campaign never had the funding to accomplish that.

An unnamed Lorain, Ohio woman (that we’re going to call Debby Downer) bought a new car last August and, up until now hadn’t really needed her spare. But we think it’s safe to say that someone else did need it. Really, really bad.
After taking her car in to have the flat spare tire replaced, mechanics found eight pounds of ganja wrapped around the rim. Yes, we were surprised the mechanics didn’t keep the herb for themselves as well.

Ohio police spent $500,000 last year arresting a whopping 27 people for marijuana cultivation under the state’s flyover marijuana eradication program. That’s more than $18,500 per person and in total they only destroyed 20,747 plants – down nearly 64,000 plants from just two years before.
Sound like a waste to you, too?

Shelby County SD.

An Ohio gun owner’s newly-purchased 1,000-pound gun safe was about 280 pounds heavier than it should have been upon deliver after police say Mexican smugglers loaded the iron box down with ten 28-pound bundles of weed before shipping it.
The Ohio man was not suspected in the smuggling (which is a good thing considering he’s the one who called the police).

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

A proposal from three Ohio residents to legalize cannabis in that state failed to get over its first political hurdle today after the state attorney general rejected the proposed summary for not being “fair and truthful”.
According to the Columbus Dispatch, the proposal wouldn’t have been on the November 2013 ballot anyway as the deadline for proposed measures has come and gone. That’s good in that it gives End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition, the group who submitted the petition, to get things right.

Some marijuana activists in Ohio believe it’s only a matter of time before people in the Buckeye state will enjoy the same freedoms as those in Colorado and Washington — the freedom to use cannabis legally.

Activist Brian Joslyn, a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), said he didn’t expect help from the Ohio Legislature in legalizing cannabis; instead, he believes the people need to do it for themselves, reports 10TV News.
Brian Joslyn: “I think if everybody was just given a ballot right now to vote on this measure, I think it would pass”

“I think if everybody was just given a ballot right now to vote on this measure, I think it would pass,” he said.
As a lawyer, Joslyn said he’d seen the negative effects that marijuana prohibition has on dozens of clients, including a recent couple.
“His wife has cancer so he was growing marijuana and providing her with edible marijuana,” Joslyn said.
Now, both the cancer-stricken wife and her husband are behind bars.

Tonya Davis/Facebook
Tonya Davis is a medical marijuana activist in Ohio

By Tonya Davis
This is an open letter to my Ohio legislators.
I have nowhere else to turn. I hope you hear my cries for help and I hope you stand up for me. Representative Bobby Hagan will be  Re introducing the Ohio medical compassion act which I hope you will consider cosponsoring  in January 2013.
It would merely allow Ohio’s doctors and patients to decide whether or not medical cannabis could benefit them or not. It would allow the department of health to keep an eye on the program and make sure there were no abuses. Anyone that is in the program would be in a database so that you can keep track of this act of compassion.
We also believe that it would save Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars by not arresting, incarcerating  and prosecuting folks for making a choice using cannabis as medicine. we also believe that the Obama administration would not bother our program because there would not be storefronts or dispensaries selling the product.
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