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Four months after opening up the application process, the Aurora Marijuana Enforcement Division awarded the city’s 24th and last retail store license to the Green Solution.

“The Green Solution is a professional corporate organization that is focused on security, compliance and interested in being a partner with the City of Aurora and its officials and citizens,” says Robin Peterson, manager of the Aurora Marijuana Enforcement Division, who notified all applicants of the decision via e-mail on February 27.

Thirty percent of marijuana businesses are audited each year by the IRS; adding to that pressure is the threat of new regulations the industry may have to adopt. To ease the load, Keegan Peterson founded Wurk, which helps marijuana companies keep track of all their business records — from payroll to scheduling — so that when the IRS or other agencies comes knocking, everything is in one convenient place.

Peterson started the company last year after a friend who owns a dispensary in town was talking with him about the problems that business owners face in the cannabis industry. “They want to be compliant; they just don’t have the tools to do so,” Peterson says. “We do our best to help facilitate that. The government gives you a Rubik’s Cube and says, ‘Hey, figure it out.’ Then they change it, and you have to figure it out again.”

The Denver Police Department has done a good job of scaring people into thinking there will be a rash of regular pot users willing to spend ten bucks on a candy bar so that they can secretly dose a little kid while trick-or-treating on Halloween; see a DPD video below.
In fact, Denver cops have made such a big deal of such possibilities that cops around Omaha, Nebraska, have started warning residents there to beware of people handing out Colorado-made pot candy.

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LEAP Cites Public Safety Concerns Created by Illegal Marketplace
A former narcotics cop on Tuesday morning delivered a letter signed by 73 current and former police officers, judges, prosecutors and federal agents to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him not to interfere with the wishes of the voters of Colorado and Washington State to legalize and regulate marijuana.
“We seem to be at a turning point in how our society deals with marijuana,” said Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), the group that authored the letter. “The war on marijuana has funded the expansion of drug cartels, it has destroyed community-police relations and it has fostered teenage use by creating an unregulated market where anyone has easy access.

Free Dana Beal
Dana Beal: “I’m not a run-of-the-mill drug runner. I’m a medical advocate. I had to do it.”

Dana Beal was one of the original Yippies back in the late 1960s, helping organize the radical counterculture group which disrupted the 1968 and 1972 Democratic conventions, advocating a society powered by people rather than profit. Years later, Beal organized marches in New York City calling for the legalization of marijuana, and helped open a clinic which dispenses cannabis to AIDS patients in the Big Apple.

But Beal, 65, says he’s now fighting for his life from a Nebraska jail, reports Paul Hammel at the Omaha World-Herald. Just nine months after a serious heart attack, he faces up to five years in prison after a 2009 arrest near Ashland, Neb., riding in a van holding 150 pounds of marijuana.

Hemp History Week

Public Education Campaign to Bring Back Industrial Hemp Farming will Feature More Than 800 Grassroots Events and Retail Store Promotions Throughout All 50 States
Monday, June 4 marks the start of the third annual Hemp History Week, June 4-10, 2012. The national grassroots education campaign organized by Vote Hemp and The Hemp Industries Association is designed to renew strong support for the return of hemp farming to the U.S.
Hemp History Week 2012 will feature more than 800 events in cities and towns throughout all 50 states. The multifaceted campaign will feature more than 100 grassroots volunteer-led events; more than 700 retail promotions; a restaurant program; and a letter writing and email campaign to encourage Congress to change federal policy and allow American farmers to once again grow industrial hemp.
A new Web site, along with a promotional video for the 2012 campaign, is viewable at
The theme of the 2012 campaign is Hemp for a Healthy Future: Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Economy, Healthy Planet.

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Dhar Mann, 27, has been charged with defrauding the city of Oakland

Dhar Mann, a controversial young businessman who sought fame and fortune as an entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry, was charged Thursday with 13 felonies for allegedly defrauding an Oakland, California grant program that helps property owners pay for renovations.

Alameda County prosecutors charged Mann, 27, with stealing thousands of dollars from Oakland in 2008 and 2009, report Demian Bulwa and Matthai Kuruvila at SFGate. Mann was not arrested; his arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday.
Mann’s attorney, John Runfola, admitted that his client “took shortcuts” in the grant program, but claimed the charges were trumped up.

All photos by Sharon Letts
Canna Comic Sherry Glaser on the main stage “Being Mother Earth.”

Photos and Story by Sharon Letts
Deep Green Fest II was held the day after 4/20 in the picturesque locale of the historic Craneway Pavilion, located just over the Richmond Bridge from San Francisco.
Joining up purposefully with Earth Day celebrations, Deep Green’s intent is to educate and enlighten on all things green – including Hemp, Cannabis, and holistic healing, with a healthy dose of politics thrown in for good measure.
Four stages featured music, lectures, and panels on everything from beekeeping to Cannabis, Hemp and legalization of both, Canna economics, responsible business models, and protecting children in the crossfire.
The star of the event was Stephen DeAngelo of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, with his brother Andrew close by. Both were featured in the Discovery Channel’s Weed Wars, and promises of a second season of the hotly debated super miniseries were tweeted earlier in the week by Stephen, but quelled by event day with a promise of finding a new network.

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Derek Peterson and Dhar Mann were business partners, then enemies, and now a truce has been struck

​Multiple lawsuits between estranged medical marijuana business partners, Dhar Mann and Derek Peterson, have reportedly ended as the two entrepreneurs broke out the peace pipe and agreed on an undisclosed settlement this week.

Mann founded weGrow, the nation’s first medical marijuana superstore and partnered up with Peterson shortly after starting the company in 2010. Within a year, the partnership ended on a bitter note and a variety of increasingly hostile claims and counterclaims were filed by both parties against each other.
After nearly a year of unpleasantness, both Mann and Peterson have come to an agreement to settle all claims and put aside their differences.
“Medical cannabis is under fire around the country, and it’s more important than ever to have a consolidated front,” Mann said. “There are bigger issues facing medical cannabis that personal and business differences should not exacerbate.”
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