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How’d that famous Shel Silverstein poem go about sick little Peggy Ann McKay? “What’s that? What’s that you say? You say today is Shatterday?”

Goodbye, we’re doing dabs all day.

Nothing makes us more excited to rip hash than seeing others rip hash. Or seeing pictures of hash. Or anything to do with hash. But what really gets us all warm and tingly inside are shatter slabs. Even if they’re not your favorite form of THC, those sappy, gleaming chunks of THC are a sight to behold. Don’t believe us? Check out what Colorado’s hash-makers aren’t whipping up! (Stoner high-five if you get that.)

Sharon Letts
Dr. Marion Fry believes that cannabis is good medicine, and that God will save her.

Exclusive Prison Interview:
Dr. Mollie Fry
Story and Photos
by Sharon Letts
It’s been one year and five months since Dr. Marion “Mollie” Fry and her husband, Civil Attorney, Dale Schafer, surrendered to Federal prison for manufacturing and distributing Medical Cannabis in California.
More than six years of litigation and three years of appeals rendered “no defense,” insuring mandatory five year Federal prison terms, respectively.
In 2001 the Fry/Schafer family home located in the hills just north of Sacramento was raided by Federal authority under then President George W. Bush, Jr. during the failed “War on Drugs.” 
Thirty-four plants were confiscated – 20 were infested with spider mites, sitting near a compost pile. 
44 Plants in a Pile
According to Schafer, the couple had never grown more than 44 plants in a given year – well below the 99 plant limit set forth by the State of California for medical use – and never sold a leaf.

Photo: Tracey Adams/Weekend Argus
Puff Puff Pass: Dagga Party executive committee members Israel Jeneke, Barend Wentzel, Hendrik Fortuin and leader Jeremy Acton last week announced their participation in the political process. Their efforts to participate were rewarded with a police raid on Friday.

Dagga Party Came From ‘Listening To The Herb’

Photo: IOL News
South African police raid Dagga Party headquarters on Friday, shortly after the organization announced it would be participating in upcoming elections

​Police on Friday raided the home of the leader of the Dagga Party of South Africa shortly after the party announced it was participating in local elections. All the cops found were a few seeds.
Jeremy Acton, whose party is registered in the Langeberg Municipality to contest the May 18 local government elections, said he was not at his Montagu farmhouse when police arrived Friday morning, but they questioned one of his workers and took him to the police station, reports IOL News.
“The took all the pipes and took photographs of my marijuana graphics and a poem I have for meditation,” Acton said.
Acton said he wasn’t sure if a warrant had been issued for his arrest, but he wasn’t planning on returning to Montagu until tomorrow. He said he had already taken his Dagga Party pamphlets to the police in Montagu and explained he was fighting to get cannabis legalized. He said he’d heard the police wanted to stop his efforts.
The Dagga Party wants to legalize the herb and keep South Africa’s “dagga culture” alive, and is participating in the May local elections, a historical first which has generated great media interest and lots of public support.
The idea of forming the Dagga Party came from “listening to the herb,” according to leader Acton.

“By registering our party we made history for the legalization of cannabis in South Africa and by participating in this election we make history every step of the way,” Acton said. “If we win even one council seat in the Municipality, we achieve a beachhead for further efforts to legalize dagga,” Acton said, using the South African slang word for cannabis.

Photo: gothamist
Poet/activist Rick Burnley, 71, wowed ’em at a New Mexico Department of Health hearing on medical cannabis.

​When the New Mexico Department of Health’s Cannabis Advisory Board held a hearing last month, they may not have expected to hear poetry.
But hear a poem they did, and a good one at that, from cannabis activist Rick Burnley, 71, who attributes his good health to smoking marijuana for 50 years.
“Greetings from the Land of Enchantment,” Burnley tells Toke of the Town. “I’m a marijuana activist, and a well known anti-war poet with about 50 videos posted on YouTube.
“Several months ago I performed ‘Doobie Or Not Doobie’ at the NMDOH hearings for patients and providers. It was videotaped and posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago,” he told us.
“It got a standing ovation, so it’s worth checking out.”