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Don’t pass your joints to Lil’ Scrappy.

Lil Scrappy can’t handle his weed. At least, that’s what he wants everyone to believe. The Atlanta-based rapper and reality TV personality announced this week that he’s entering rehab for marijuana use and that it’s not a publicity stunt.
But from the outside one could easily see it as gaming the media, especially with the threat of jail time for marijuana and firearm possession charges hanging over his head.
Lil’ Scrappy was arrested in 2008 in Atlanta for felony gun and marijuana charges, and given three years probation since it was a first-time offense. But the rapper apparently didn’t think probation was serious enough to try and pass his piss tests, failing one test then refusing to take another back in March. (Editor’s note: Come on, Scrappy. You’re a well-paid rapper, dude. Pay someone for their clean piss!)

Photo: Kush And Orange Juice
Rapper Webbie, 25, faces marijuana charges after being stopped in Tennessee.

​Down South, they call it the “rap tax.” Rapper “Webbie,” 25, faces marijuana charges after authorities arrested him Monday in Marshall County, Tennessee.

Law enforcement pulled over a car with four people inside which was speeding on Interstate 65, according to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security. As the vehicle pulled over, an officer saw a passenger in the front seat throw what looked like marijuana out the window, reports WBIR.
Upon further investigation, cops found Webster Gradney (“Webbie”) in the front seat with a cardboard box containing $13,240 inside, and two ounces of marijuana.
They also found a loaded .357 revolver and $916 when they searched 22-year-old Michael Abbott. The driver, Derric Watson, 34, was driving with a suspended license. Tyrone Terrio, 34, was also in the car.
The four said they were on their way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana after Webbie’s performance in Louisville, Kentucky the day before, according to police.
All four men were taken to the Marshall County Jail. Webbie faces charges of possession “with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver” and tampering with evidence. His bond was set at $21,000.

Photo: Honeymag

​Almost exactly a year to the day after his last pot bust, rapper Juvenile was arrested over the weekend for marijuana possession in Sterlington, Louisiana.

Juvenile, 35, whose given name is Terius Gray, was reportedly pulled over for speeding, reports Danielle Harling at Hip Hop DX. He was reportedly going 75 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone. Upon approaching the car, the officer detected the smell of marijuana, and when asked about the scent, Juvenile handed him a small bag of pot.
“He was very courteous and respectful as he could be,” Sterlington Police Sgt. Jacob Greer told the Associated Press. “He asked me if I recognized him, and I said ‘No. Now, if you were George Strait I’ll probably have recognized you.”
Besides being charged for possession of marijuana, Juvenile was also charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license.
He was released from jail after posting a $750 cash bond; he’s currently scheduled to appear in court on April 1.

Wiz Khalifa’s mugshot: The rising young rapper was busted for pot after a concert Monday night in North Carolina.

​Wiz Khalifa, the Pittsburgh MC whose star is rapidly rising in hip-hop circles, was arrested on marijuana charges Monday night after a performance at Eastern Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

Wiz is charged with trafficking marijuana, maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to his lawyer, Khalifa was found with under two ounces of cannabis, reports WITN.
Nine other individuals were also arrested on the same charges. While Wiz and his tour manager, William Dzomback, posted bond at 8 a.m. Tuesday, the other seven remained behind bars.

Photo: Binside TV
T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle face felony drug charges after a traffic stop Wednesday night.

​Police arrested rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle for alleged possession of a controlled substance Wednesday night after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from vehicle.
The newlyweds — they just got married on July 30 in Miami — were booked at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station, reports Jolene Michael at Gather. Both were held on charges of felony possession of a controlled substance, and bail was set at $10,000 apiece. Both had posted bail as of 4 a.m. Thursday, and are due back in court on September 3.

Photo: St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office
Rapper Juvenile is led out of an Arabi, La., house after his arrest in February.

​New Orleans rapper Juvenile pleaded guilty last week to a marijuana possession charge in Louisiana, but managed to avoid jail time.

The 34-year-old rapper, whose real name is Terius Gray, entered his plea on Thursday, August 10 to misdemeanor possession of marijuana, stemming from an arrest in February, reports Allen Starbury at Baller Status.
Juvenile was sentenced by the judge to three months in jail, suspended; six months probation; and a $250 fine and court costs.
The rapper was arrested in February when police were called to a friend’s home in Arabi, La., where Juvenile said he was recording (police claimed there was no recording equipment in the house), when neighbors reported an “overwhelming smell of marijuana” coming from the house.

Photo: Huffington Post
Richard Hilfiger, left, and his famous father, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger

​Could orange jumpsuits be “in” this season?

Richard Hilfiger, the 20-year-old son of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, was arrested last weekend in Hollywood for alleged possession of marijuana with intent to sell, reports Josh Grossberg at E! Online.
The wannabe rapper, who goes by the hiphop name “Rich Hil” and has cut tracks with Kid Cudi and Swizz Beatz, was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard by patrolling sheriff’s deputies in Hollywood, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Sgt. Shawn Ruda.
Officers found what they claimed was a “huge stash of marijuana” in his car (no amount mentioned), which is apparently why they chose to charge young Hilfiger with a felony intent-to-distribute charge instead of simple possession.

Photo: St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office
Rapper Juvenile is led out of an Arabi, Louisiana house after his arrest Thursday. At right is Cpl. Leander Morgan of the St. Bernard Parish Street Crimes Unit.

​The rapper Juvenile was arrested Thursday in Louisiana and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, according to police.

The New Orleans-based artist was arrested in a house in Arabi, Louisiana. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office said Juvenile, 34, doesn’t live in the house, but that it is owned by a friend who allows him to record music there, reports Bob Warren at The Times-Picayune.
Police investigators claimed there was no recording equipment in the house.
A spokesman for the sheriff’s department said someone called the office’s drug line to report “smelling marijuana smoke” at the house. A deputy with the Special Investigations Division went to the house, and also smelled marijuana when the door was opened, police claimed.
The man who answered the door, Leroy Edwards, 42, of New Orleans, was arrested after the deputy found marijuana on him, according to the sheriff’s department. Edwards identified himself as Juvenile’s producer.

Ever hear the saying “Rappers want to be ball players, and ball players want to be rappers”? In the business of getting us fucked up, cannabis and alcohol companies appear to go through similar yearnings.

Dispensary shelves already feature beers, hard seltzers and wines infused with pot instead of alcohol, while liquor stores hope that CBD-containing, rebranded non-alcoholic beers will appeal to increasing numbers of canna-curious customers.

Now a cannabis concentrate company wants to zig where drink makers have been zagging, releasing a hash pen cartridge that is supposed to taste like an India Pale Ale — or as my Midwestern uncle likes to call them, “pine cone beers.”

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