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Every cannabis grower knows that there are lots of pests and diseases which can screw up those plans for a big harvest. Some live in the soil, and some are airborne. They can be barely visible, like spider mites or thrips, or they can weigh hundreds of pounds, like deer.

Cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal’s new book, Marijuana Pest & Disease Control, offers a serious look at 21 pests and diseases likely to strike not only cannabis crops, but flower and vegetable gardens as well. While the book’s focus is marijuana-specific, the book covers problems faced by all gardeners.
A partial list of pests covered includes aphids, spider mites, ants, whiteflies, powdery mildew, stem rot, and mammals such as gophers and rats. While your Cousin Bob — the stoner who thinks that, since you grow a couple plants, you’ve taken him to raise — isn’t covered in the book, practically every other marijuana pest is.

DC Xposed
Does Obama need weed?

Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal, he of “Ask Ed” fame and a slew of grow-books, said on Wednesday afternoon that many of the President’s policy problems can be written up to the fact that Obama is suffering from marijuana deficiency syndrome (MDS).

Speaking with Toke of the Town to promote his new book, Marijuana Pest & Disease Control, Rosenthal speculated about the President’s intentions with the current federal crackdown on medicinal cannabis providers.

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Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal at Hempfest last weekend. Ed will be leading a medical cannabis cultivation seminar tonight (Wednesday, August 24) in Seattle.

​Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja and author of The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, the official course book for Oaksterdam University, will lead a ganja growing seminar tonight in Seattle.

The indoor medical cannabis cultivation seminar, presented by Northern Waters Patients Network, will benefit the Seattle-based Cannabis Defense Coalition.
Attend this class and learn the terminology of the indoor gardener: seed germination, clones and cloning, hydro, N-P-K balance, pH, light cycles, begging, flowering, pruning and trichomes are just a few of the terms you’ll be using correctly after a session with Ed.
Rosethal will present a comprehensive overview of cultivation. Gardeners at all levels, new or advanced, will find tips and techniques to save time, labor and energy. The seminar will include Q&A time with “Ask Ed.”
Rosenthal starts at the basics and takes you through the entire process of how to grow a personal indoor garden — with little or no experience required. You will learn what equipment to use, how to care for plants, the different stages of plant growth, and how to harvest beautiful buds.

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I know this much: It beats the Sears Wish Book all to hell.

​For those of you into nug porn — and I know I am! — The Big Book of Buds, Volume 4 from Ed Rosenthal gives you 236 pages of sticky sweet fun. Both an eye-catcher of a coffee table book and a valuable resource, this will quickly become one of your favorite volumes.

You can learn about the latest connoisseur varieties as Rosenthal hosts you on a visual journey with more than two dozen cannabis breeders from Holland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. With spectacular photos and thorough, knowledgeable information, you can have a state-of-the-art guide to marijuana breeding to peruse as you smoke (or vape, or eat).
Eighty-six glorious varieties are shown in the luscious photos, which look so real you can practically smell the buds. Everything is described in vivid detail, with practical tips as only “Ask Ed” can give them, including growth characteristics and methods, and insights into the effects of various strains.

If a time-traveling pot smoker from even 20 years ago landed at a social gathering of L.A. stoners circa 2014, he or she would be quite confused. Not by the proliferation of legal weed in California, but by the preponderance of new-fangled tools, equipment and drugs that have largely supplanted the good old buds and blunts of yore.
We’re talking, of course, about rigs, dab sticks and the wide world of marijuana concentrates, including hash, wax, shatter, budder, oil and a host of other slang terms that refer to that carefully extracted goo that currently comprises about 30% of sales at dispensaries, fills most vape pens, and gets you ridiculously high.

Harvest season is upon us. We’re not talking about tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. We’re talking about that most green of crops, marijuana. Late summer marks the beginning of bud harvesting in the Emerald Triangle growing region of Northern California, perhaps the most productive cannabis region in the United States. And California’s historic drought is having its effect on what has described as California’s biggest cash crop.
Ed Rosenthal, an expert in marijuana cultivation known for his books on the topic, says that the drought is already showing its results when it comes to Golden State cannabis. “Crops will be 10 to 20 percent smaller,” he said.
More at the LA Weekly.


The internet was abuzz this weekend about the announcement from the New York Times regarding a series of editorial articles to be released in the upcoming week covering the argument in favor of legalizing marijuana nationwide.
Though the title of the series may not be too creative, “High Time” will consist of a week’s worth of interactive articles, web-based seminars, and Q&A sessions that promise to take an honest look at all sides of the debate.

Just two months after filing title language for a ballot initiative legalizing limited amounts of cannabis with the state, the Drug Policy Alliance says they will not be moving forward with their California proposal in 2014. According to one spokesman for the campaign, 2014 was a “trial run or dress rehearsal for 2016”.
And they aren’t alone. Longtime activist Ed Rosenthal says he’s no longer pursuing his ballot measure any longer either.

Cloud vape pen.

Pen-vapes. Man, we all thought we were pretty stealth at first with them. Taking puffs at baseball games, in restaurants, in airports, on trains, planes and buses. But guess what? It’s no secret that that us ganja tokers figured out how to put cannabis in e-cigarettes anymore. The cat is out of the bag (of sticky-icky).
Case and point: cops in Nassau, New York are testing e-cigarettes for pot when they find one of the devices on suspected drug criminals.

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