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“Hey guys, wanna dress up like Army men today?”

When a California SWAT team violently kicked down the door of an unsuspecting residence last year in South Salinas, officers marched in armed with a search warrant in one hand and assault weapons in the other. Yet, none of them found it strange that their mission involved torturing a retired couple and their underage granddaughter rather than a savage drug dealer. That was their first mistake, because once the smoke cleared and the screams of the innocent family finally ended, the commanding officer realized his team had mistakenly raided the wrong house.
Of course, this greasy incident and back-biting rape on civil rights did not settle well with the owners of the house, Alberto and Martha Alvarado, who have since filed a lawsuit in federal court in hopes of putting the shriveled balls of the Gilroy and Morgan Hill Police Departments in a tight vice for brutalizing their family with “excessive and unjustified force.

Photo: Tomas Bravo/Reuters
Bullet-riddled patrol trucks and a pockmarked building are the aftermath of an attack at a police station in Los Ramones, about 43 miles from Monterrey, Mexico.

​Every cop in a small northern Mexican town quit Tuesday after gunmen heavily sprayed their brand new police headquarters Monday night.

All 14 members of the Los Ramones police force reportedly resigned, according to MSNBC. Nobody was answering the phone at the office of Mayor Santos Salinas, The Associated Press reported.
Gunmen fired more than 1,000 rounds at the building’s facade, reports Noroeste. Six grenades, three of which detonated, were also thrown at the building, according to the the newspaper.

Photo: Customs and Border Protection
This 146-pound brick of Mexican schwag was discovered in the gas tank of 1999 Chevrolet Astro Van.

​A Texas woman is in jail after officers said they found more than 146 pounds of marijuana in her car’s gas tank.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers arrested Viridiana Salinas-Padron on federal drug charges Wednesday, reports Sergio Chapa at
The 27-year-old South Padre Island woman entered the United States at the border crossing over Brownsville’s Veterans International Bridge.
Customs officers said they found 146.3 pounds of cannabis inside the gas tank of her 1999 Chevrolet Astro Van during a secondary inspection.

Photo: DEA
Teacher learns a lesson: Don’t bring your weed to school!

​Talk about higher education! A staff member at Harden Middle School in Salinas, Calif., found a bag of marijuana, but it didn’t belong to one of the students.

A staffer who found an unattended backpack in the quad area of the school noticed a strong odor of marijuana. School officials inspected the backpack, and discovered a baggie containing marijuana along with a pipe.
After reviewing tape from surveillance cameras, school staffers found that 70-year-old Harry Williams, a substitute teacher, had set the backpack down when he rested on a bench. When he got up to leave, he forgot the backpack.
After being questioned, Williams admitted it was his weed; he said he forgot it was in his backpack when he came to school. Williams said he’s a medical marijuana patient with a doctor’s note allowing him to use the herb.
Williams was cited for possession of marijuana on school grounds. School staff sent him home after the incident, according to KION 46 Central Coast News.