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Jovan Jackson, from YouTube.

Just over one year ago, on October 24th, 2012, historical legal precedent was set in the state of California in regard to its ambiguous medical marijuana laws. San Diego based medical marijuana storefront owner, Jovan Jackson, had been tried in court twice, based first on entrapment style undercover buys in 2008 (acquitted of all charges), and then trumped up charges of possession and sale of marijuana after a raid on his shop in 2009, of which he was eventually found guilty.

Photo: The Uncle Taz Marijuana Gallery

‚ÄčA Santa Rosa, California man was arrested twice Wednesday night — first when he was pulled over for expired registration and police found marijuana and $55,000 in the car, and later when he bailed out of jail and came home to find a squad of detectives raiding his house, where they seized pot plants, a stolen handgun and “other evidence,” according to police.

Early Thursday, Stephen Elliott, 41, was still in the Sonoma County Jail with a bail of $25,000, according to jail personnel, reports Mary Callahan at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.