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Dustin Schaefer/Loveland Ski Area

At the start of the 2013-2014 ski season, marijuana seemed like it might be a bigger story than moguls, what with some snowbirds threatening to stay away from Colorado if they were subjected to legal pot, a ski-area executive pledging to yank lift tickets from public tokers, a Forest Service rep saying pot enforcement at resorts on federal land was a priority and the destruction of a venerable smoke shack after it was featured on Inside Edition.
In the end, though, Colorado experienced a record ski season — and one industry rep doubts that weed had anything to do with it.

Mike Schaef
Mike Schaef put his medicinal cannabis in the scanner bowl at SeaTac, and after a short delay, he was given back his medicine and allowed to go on his way.

​It’s usually not a good idea to whip out your medical marijuana while going through a Transportation Security Administration airport checkpoint, but sometimes, in some airports, in some medical marijuana states, it turns out OK.

Case in point: Mike Schaef of Tacoma, Washington, who operates North End Club 420, a medical marijuana patient collective garden. 
When going through security at SeaTac airport just south of Seattle Friday morning at about 10:15, Mike put about two grams of cannabis in the scanner bowl in the TSA line.

Photo: KOMO News
All charges against Guy Casey, above, were dismissed — but the cops still don’t want to give his medical marijuana back.

​Two operators of a Tacoma, Washington medical marijuana dispensary beat drug charges earlier this year. Now they want their cannabis back.

Guy Casey and Michael Schaef said they are legally authorized to possess the marijuana seized during a raid and that the government no longer has any interest in the pot, reports Adam Lynn at the Bellingham Herald.
They’ve asked a Pierce County Superior Court judge to return to each of them 48 ounces of harvested marijuana and 30 plants — or their equivalents in cash.

Photo: Josh Farley/Kitsap Sun
Drug cop Roy Alloway terrorized Washington medical marijuana patients for years. Now he’s been federally indicted for illegal gun sales.

​Narc Is So Despised, A Local Strain Of Marijuana Was Named In His ‘Honor’

A former Washington drug cop so notorious for his misdeeds and aggressive tactics that a strain of medical marijuana was named after him in retaliation has been federally indicted for unlawfully selling guns.

Roy Alloway spent 32 years in law enforcement, the last 10 of which he was involved in the WestNET regional drug task force. Alloway took something of an unhealthy personal interest in giving additional pain to medical marijuana patients, according to many activists in the area, who “see him as a cop determined to lock up even legal users of pot,” wrote Nina Shapiro at the Seattle Weekly.
Alloway made a career of trashing houses and intimidating their occupants, apparently not giving a damn if the people he harassed were legitimately sick or not.
And that’s exactly why a potent marijuana strain was named “Alloway” in his “honor.” Created by a well-known Everett breeder associated with advocate Steve Sarich of CannaCare, the Alloway strain includes the genetics of popular Seattle strain PermaFrost, with a little White Widow reputedly in the mix as well. 
“Where do you begin?” said Sarich, who was raided by Alloway and WestNET in 2007.
“This guy is a real piece of shit, and has been for years,” Sarich told Toke of the Town Monday afternoon. “I can’t wait to see how many of the cases Alloway was involved with are overturned, if he gets locked away on these charges.”

Graphic: Delaware County Daily Times

​It’s raining weed, man. Another unexpected five-pound delivery of marijuana has been left at the front door of an Upper Darby, Pennsylvania resident, according to police.

The package, shipped by the U.S. Postal Service, was left at a home on the first block of South Keystone Street, which — get this — is located directly behind the Upper Darby police station, reports the Delaware County News Network.
The resident, 27, reportedly told police she did not recognize the Arizona return address on the box, but she opened it anyway because she was expecting a delivery from Babies-R-Us. The woman immediately called police upon seeing the contents, according to reports.
“I was on my way home and I seen my mailman,” the woman said, reports Linda Reilly at the Delaware County Times. “The package was on the top step and my husband picked it up. I didn’t know the name on the box and was suspicious, but I was waiting for baby clothes I ordered from Babies-R-Us and opened it.”

Graphic: North End Club 420

​Pierce County, Washington prosecutors have dismissed numerous marijuana charges filed last year against two men who run a Tacoma medical marijuana cooperative, North End Club 420.

Guy Lewis Casey and Michael Jonathan Schaef — who operate the dispensary on Oregon Avenue in Tacoma — had been scheduled for trial in April, reports Adam Lynn at the Tacoma News Tribune.

Photo: Jennifer M. Howell/Lodi News-Sentinel
Lodi Police Detective Carlos Fuentes gets to try out his cool HazMat mask and brandish his weapon as he investigates an alleged “meth lab.” It turned out to the the deodorizer used to mask the scene of a legal medical marijuana grow.

​Police in Lodi, California thought they had a major drug bust on their hands after what looked like a couple of pounds of methamphetamine and dozens of marijuana plants were found at a commercial building.

Police even evacuated all of the businesses in the building between Pixley Parkway and Guild Avenue. 
But the big bust shrunk away to nothing when the “meth” turned out to be crystallized deodorizer and the pot plants turned out to be legal, reports Jordan Guinn at the Lodi News-Sentinel.
The operation turned out to be the medical marijuana growing site for a Stockton family, police said.
“After the search, we found they are in compliance with their legal marijuana cards, said Detective Hettie Schaeffer of the Lodi Police Department.
About 2 p.m. Tuesday, excited police arrived at the scene, ready with their fancy HazMat team to search the premises.
At first, the cops thought they’d stumbled upon two pounds of meth. But after closer inspection, the Lodi Police Department determined it to be a crystallized deodorizer used to mask the smell of the cannabis plants.

Drew Perine/The Tacoma News Tribune
Before the bust: North End Club 420’s Guy Casey tends to marijuana plants

​Two men who operate a Tacoma, Washington medical marijuana dispensary pleaded not guilty Thursday to drug charges stemming from an undercover police operation.

Michael Jonathan Schaef, Guy Lewis Casey and their supporters say authorities unfairly targeted them. Medical marijuana was legalized by Washington state voters in 1998.
The dispensary, North End Club 420, was open again Thursday morning, two days after it was raided, report Adam Lynn and Rob Carson with the The Tacoma News-Tribune.
“Helping sick people get their medical marijuana is not illegal,” said Kristine Casey, who works at North End Club 20 and is married to Guy Casey.
Both men were allowed to remain free Thursday after posting bail following their Tuesday arrests.
Police claim the two sold marijuana to people who were not authorized patients, kept a larger supply on hand than allowed, and charged exorbitant prices to enrich themselves.
Schaef and Casey said statements from police and prosecutors “grossly misrepresent” their motives, their operation, and their legality.
“They said we were in this because of greed and that we’re making thousands of dollars,” Schaef said. “That is crazy.”