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it’s another security concern dispensaries face.

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Ryan Kunkel, owner of Seattle dispensary Have A Heart alleges that a recent robbery was an inside job.

Mexican police executed more than 42 suspected gang members on a ranch last year.

The Justice Department said it would stop using private prisons on grounds that they’re more dangerous and less well run than public prisons. The move does not apply to most prisoners in the country, who are incarcerated under state laws.


The city of Seattle has sent letters to about 330 medical marijuana shops telling them that they have to get licensed by the state or face penalties if they don’t shut down. The rub? There is no state license for them to obtain.
According to Seattle PI, the City of Seattle has rules that force any marijuana business with more than 45 plants or 72 ounces of herb on hand to get a license. Seattle has suspended the rule for the most part, but the letters seem to indicate a shift is coming.

Update – 9/15/2014: The City of Seattle has thrown out about 90 tickets for public marijuana consumption written by one single cop with an anti-pot vendetta against the city attorney. Ironically, it was that same city attorney, Pete Holmes, that threw out the tickets.
“The police do not write the laws. They enforce the laws,” Holmes said at the hearing. “You can’t be a legislator out on the street.” Read the original story below.

Seattle police officer Randy Jokela apparently missed the memo that marijuana possession and use is now legal in Washington state, largely citizens people were sick of people like Jokela abusing his power.
This week, Seattle police Chief Kathleen O’Toole announced that Jokela was responsible for 80 percent of the 82 marijuana-related citations issued between January 1 and June 30 of this year – with 37 percent of those tickets going to blacks and about half going to the city’s homeless. To say he was still abusing his power is an understatement.

Local beat cops just love busting stoners. Really, it’s probably a pretty easy racket. They rarely fight back, and in many cases the arresting officer can score a 2-for-1 by nabbing a minority carrying some weed. That may sound harsh, but statistics have shown for quite some time that pot busts – particularly those involving minorities – are the low hanging fruit in the world of law enforcement.
A review of the first six months of the new marijuana laws in Seattle, Washington has revealed equally disturbing numbers and trends. And shocking nobody, law enforcement spokespersons in America’s fastest growing city are showing little sympathy for the terribly skewed results.

Joe Mabel
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes speaking at the 2012 Seattle Hemp Festival.

Legal sales of limited amounts of cannabis to adults 21 and up began in Washington state yesterday, with long lines an high prices the theme of the day ($160 quarters?!).
But those issues aside, it was also a monumental day as the state became the second in the nation with open, recreational pot shops. It was one that Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes personally wanted to celebrate, so he stood in line and bought some pot.

Marijuana possession (and soon purchases) are legal in Seattle, but public consumption remains verboten in Seattle much the same way as tipping back a bottle of beer in public. In that vein, Seattle City Council yesterday passed a law making marijuana toking in public a $27 fine – the same for illegal alcohol consumption.
Police, however, say they’ll most likely be issuing warnings “whenever practical” and would like to avoid writing the tickets if they can. We take that to mean that you’ll have to really/em> try to get the citation in most instances.

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While thrift stores are great places to donate everything from worn couches to old t-shirt, they aren’t the best places to donate cannabis – even in states where the plant is legal.
Police last week were called out to a North Seattle thrift store after an employee sorting through overnight donations at an off-site donations bin found a bag stuffed with about 2.5 pounds of ganja.

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