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There’s an old High Times video of legendary pot grower Jorge Cervantes that opens with “the Ganja Guy” behind the wheel of an old rusty tractor. Cervantes — wearing his iconic disguise of black sunglasses and black dreadlocks — tells viewers he’s taking them on a tour of marijuana gardens throughout his native Spain. “Well, enough talk,” Cervantes says. “I have a field to plant.”
That video intro alone is enough to make anyone say, “Hell yeah! Let’s grow marijuana!”
It’s the same feeling many entrepreneurial Floridians are experiencing as the days count down for the historic November vote to legalize medical marijuana. Almost 150 of them packed into a hotel conference room this weekend to learn about how to make money off the coming weed revolution.
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They’ve got their fingers on the pulse of the flourishing medical marijuana trade in the United States, and they’re coming to Tempe, Arizona next weekend to instruct future entrepreneurs and green thumbs on the ins and outs of the highly complex cannabis industry.

From how to get into the business and stay compliant with state laws, to how to master the intricate bud-tending process, Los Angeles-based MedMen’s Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin say they possess a unique set of skills and talents in a field still very much in its infancy.
The go-to guys for many dispensary owners, legal experts and members of the media seeking insight on medical marijuana stories in California, MedMen are now shifting their focus to help the Grand Canyon State and its patients benefit from the knowledge of Cali growers, business advisors and products experts.

The questions surrounding cannabis are so numerous that we created a weekly column to answer them, but even Ask a Stoner can’t satisfy all curiosity. Thanks to Colorado’s cannabis legalization efforts, though, you can now attend cannabis-focused courses that range from 420-friendly seminars to scientific discussions at a state university.

Want to learn how cook with cannabis over the weekend? There’s a class for that. How about a more intense foray into the fundamentals of cultivation? There’s a class for that, too.

When Cindy Sovine submitted her application for a social cannabis consumption license to Denver in February, she was confident that her pot-infused spa would be approved. The health-care-turned-cannabis lobbyist had influential friends in the city and had even helped lobby for Initiative 300, the voter-approved measure that created Denver’s social-use licensing program in November 2016.

Her plans for Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge in Capitol Hill called for educational seminars, cannabis-infused massages and medical treatments, support groups and a new ventilation system to make sure that neighborhood nostrils wouldn’t notice. Her business plan submitted to the city included letters of approval from five neighborhood organizations, four more than what Denver requires.

They weren’t enough.

Thanksgiving week in Amsterdam for the last 26 years or so has been a haven for cannabis users and those wanting to celebrate marijuana culture thanks to the High Times Cannabis Cup.
But it seems that after more than a quarter-century of generally being hassle-free, the Dutch are cracking down on events and have shut down the main expo for the event and are strictly enforcing five-gram possession laws and a total ban on solvent-based concentrates.

This past Friday, IRIS Fire Investigations held a “Hash Oil Hazards Training for the Insurance Industry” seminar. The seminar focused primarily on the ways that making hash oil at home (typically using butane) can go terribly wrong, and what investigators at a suspicious fire should look for. But there was also an interesting discussion involving personal property, standard homeowner insurance coverage and cannabis plants.

Kevin Hartnell/Wikimedia Commons.

A city law that went into effect last week in Cincinnati means that anyone caught with 100 grams of ganja or less will only face a $150 fine and court fees as opposed to 30 day sin jail and $250 in fines.
That’s good news for people getting caught in the future, but it’s also good news if you’ve been busted in the past. The law change means anyone previously busted under the old ordinance with what is now decriminalized amounts of pot can have the charges removed from their record.

With the vote on Amendment 2 a mere six weeks away, polls seem to be indicating that medical marijuana will be made legal in Florida. Some people fear that will lead to weed dispensaries popping up everywhere throughout Florida. But, Boca Raton wants to keep dispensaries out of town, at least for a while, even if Amendment 2 does pass. On Tuesday, the city introduced an ordinance that would put a moratorium on dispensaries for at least a year.
This, just a few weeks after Boca hosted business seminars for those interested in getting into the weed dispensary business.

Aspen, CO – Home of the 1st Annual Cannabis Grand Cru – November 14th-16th, 2014

When it comes to the changing of the seasons, and outstanding venues for cannabis themed events, nobody does it quite like Colorado. Aspen in the fall, much like the trees it is named after, radiates a golden glimmer leading into the first snowfall of the year.
From Friday November 14th – Sunday November 16th those attending the Cannabis Grand Cru will take over the entire Sky Hotel in Aspen for a 3-day event full of seminars, Q&A sessions, hands-on learning, and loads of entertainment. Tickets for this 21+ members-only experience will be made available only by invitation. The good news is, we’ve got the scoop on how to get yours.


The internet was abuzz this weekend about the announcement from the New York Times regarding a series of editorial articles to be released in the upcoming week covering the argument in favor of legalizing marijuana nationwide.
Though the title of the series may not be too creative, “High Time” will consist of a week’s worth of interactive articles, web-based seminars, and Q&A sessions that promise to take an honest look at all sides of the debate.

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