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Photo: Ross Township Police Department
Motorcycle cop Richard White served for 30 years — then was canned for watering a two-foot-tall marijuana plant.

​A 30-year veteran police officer claimed Tuesday his “curiosity” over a two-foot-tall marijuana plant he “found and watered” caused his career to go up in smoke.

Richard D. White, 58, of Shaler, Pa., said he had no idea how fellow police found out about his little buddy, and said he was told to resign after a meeting with Ross, Pa., Police Chief Ralph C. Freedman on August 23, reports Bill Vidonic of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
“I do regret it,” White said outside his home. “I should have just kicked it over right away.”
White, a motorcycle patrol traffic cop, said he found the plant while on duty about a month ago as he was urinating in a wooded area off Cemetery Lane.
White said he watered the plant once (not by urinating on it), again while on duty, but claimed he “didn’t have any plans” for the illegal little plant.

Photo: Coaster420
Nugs like this Purple Kush beauty could be legal for medical use if Pennsylvania legislators show some leadership.

​A public hearing on legalizing medical marijuana is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 2, in Harrisburg, Pa., before the House Health and Human Services committee.

Discussed will be House Bill 1393, introduced in April by State Rep. Mark Cohen, D-Philadelphia. According to Cohen, the bill aims to ease the lives of suffering patients, take money away from the illegal drug trade and create about $25 million a year in tax revenue from the sale of marijuana.
“The bill has a 1-in-4 chance of becoming law, but I think that health care groups will lean toward it,” Cohen told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.