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Photo: Church For Compassionate Care
Wayne Dagit: “I’m not serving pot, I’m serving the Lord”

​Wayne Dagit wants to run a place where patrons can belly up to a table, fire up a joint and swap stories and herbal remedies with other patrons.

The Green Leaf Smokers Club, a private club for medical marijuana patients, officially opens today in Williamstown Township, Michigan, reports Scott Davis of Gannett News Service.
Dagit said the club is the first one for marijuana smokers officially launched in Michigan, although there are many reports of underground clubs operating statewide.
“I’m not serving pot, I’m serving the Lord,” said Dagit, 60, who is a founder of the Church for Compassionate Care.
Williamstown Township officials claim they only recently learned of the club’s existence, and they are now investigating whether it’s legal for the club to operate.
At the same time, police claim they are concerned that the club will lead to an increase in “impaired” driving by patrons.

Photo: St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office
Rapper Juvenile is led out of an Arabi, Louisiana house after his arrest Thursday. At right is Cpl. Leander Morgan of the St. Bernard Parish Street Crimes Unit.

​The rapper Juvenile was arrested Thursday in Louisiana and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, according to police.

The New Orleans-based artist was arrested in a house in Arabi, Louisiana. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office said Juvenile, 34, doesn’t live in the house, but that it is owned by a friend who allows him to record music there, reports Bob Warren at The Times-Picayune.
Police investigators claimed there was no recording equipment in the house.
A spokesman for the sheriff’s department said someone called the office’s drug line to report “smelling marijuana smoke” at the house. A deputy with the Special Investigations Division went to the house, and also smelled marijuana when the door was opened, police claimed.
The man who answered the door, Leroy Edwards, 42, of New Orleans, was arrested after the deputy found marijuana on him, according to the sheriff’s department. Edwards identified himself as Juvenile’s producer.

Photo: Noah Berger/AP
Ashley Epis’s dad is going back to federal prison — for growing medical marijuana, which has been legal in California since 1996. “I want everybody to know that my dad is not a criminal,” she said.

​A California man has been taken back into custody after almost six years of freedom to finish the remainder of his 10-year prison sentence for growing medical marijuana.

Bryan James Epis, 42, of Chico, Calif., was remanded into custody based on a 2002 jury trial conviction for “conspiracy to manufacture at least 1,000 marijuana plants within 1,000 feet of a school, and the manufacture of at least 100 marijuana plants within 1,000 feet of a school.”

Photo: Portage County Jail
Robert Batsch: Another victim of the war on pot

​Police said a 55-year-old man killed himself Tuesday after he and his wife were charged with child endangering in connection with growing marijuana.

Robert Batsch and his wife Pamela, 54, of Rootstown, Ohio, were arrested Monday on warrants of allowing a juvenile to live in their home where marijuana was being grown. Their son told school officials about the marijuana, which led to a police investigation, reports Michael Sangiacomo of
Pamela found Robert’s body with a .22 rifle in the woods behind their home about noon on Tuesday, according to Portage County Sheriff David Doak.
A spokesman for the Portage County Coroner said Batsch’s death would be declared a suicide.

Photo: ^Berd
Happier days: Olympia, WA Mayor Pro Tem Joe Hyer in 2009

​Well, at least Olympia used to be cool.

Olympia, Washington Mayor Pro Tem and incoming Thurston County Treasurer Joe Hyer was arrested Thursday evening at his home on suspicion of marijuana trafficking, according to Thurston County Sheriff Dan Kimball.

Kimball said the mayor pro tem’s arrest is the result of a two-month investigation by the Thurston County Narcotics Task Force, undoubtedly flush with stimulus cash and hungry for more.

Photo: Todd Bigelow/Aurora for NPR
Laguna Woods resident Margo Bauer, 73, tokes up on the porch with her plant.

​A heartless corporate board has voted unanimously in a closed meeting to ban elderly residents of Laguna Woods Village, a California retirement community also known as “Leisure World,” from growing much-needed medical marijuana in community garden centers.

The despicable action was taken despite the assurance of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department that it would do nothing if the retirement community residents were growing marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.
“I don’t have an opinion on it,” said Wendy Bucknum, governmental and public affairs manager at Laguna Woods Village, when Toke of the Town asked what she had to say about the ban. “The decision is the elected Board’s decision.”

Graphic: OC Weekly
Vegas loves a drunk… But not so much a pothead.

​Sin City loves a drunk, but it’s apparently not nearly as fond of stoners.

Cannapalooza, a three-day cannabis convention scheduled to have been held in Las Vegas March 19-21, has been canceled by Mandalay Bay casino, reports Nick Schou in the OC Weekly.

Cannapalooza Executive Director Louis Woznicki was told by one law enforcement official that “potheads” were bad for Vegas.
“We made our money with people who drink alcohol and gamble,” the officer told Woznicki. “People who smoke pot don’t drink and gamble.”
“They were scared,” Woznicki said. “The event was going to be open to 50,000 members of the public and was growing, if you pardon the expression, like a weed.”

Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department
David Johnson was arrested after sheriff’s investigators watched him smoking marijuana with his sons on YouTube.

​A 44-year-old Nebraska man was arrested after sheriff’s investigators watched about 90 “how to smoke marijuana” videos on YouTube that also feature his sons.

The videos, filmed over a 16-month period that ended about two months ago — show David K. Johnson, 44, rolling joints and smoking marijuana from pipes and bongs with his two sons, 20 and 17.

Lt. Steve Grabowski of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department said an anonymous tip started their investigation of Johnson, formerly of Gretna, Neb.
A search warrant was issued Jan. 12 for Johnson’s then-home in Gretna. He has since moved out, reports Leia Mendoza of the Omaha World-Herald.


​If you’re a legal medical marijuana patient in Washington and you thought your doctor’s recommendation protected you from search or arrest, you’re wrong. According to a new court ruling, you can be arrested and hauled into court every time an officer smells pot at your home — even if you are complying with the law.

In a sharply divided decision, the Washington Supreme Court Thursday ruled against a patient arrested for possessing marijuana — despite the fact that the patient had a doctor’s recommendation for medicinal pot.

Incredibly, the court found that police had probable cause to search the patient’s home, even after he presented what both he and the police believed to be a valid medical marijuana authorization form under Washington’s medical marijuana law.

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Scenes like this — a 1,700-pound bust in Sumas, Washington in 2009 — may become things of the past in the state if a move to legalize marijuana comes to fruition.

​Washington State lawmakers on Wednesday heard, for the first time ever, testimony in support of legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana for adults.

Members of the House Committee on Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, in a heavily attended, two-hour hearing, heard arguments in favor of House Bill 2401.
HB 2401 would “remove all existing criminal and civil penalties for adults 21 years of age or older who cultivate, possess, transport, sell, or use marijuana.”
The hearing marked the first time in history that Washington lawmakers had ever debated the merits of legalizing and regulating the sale and use of cannabis.
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