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​A group which claims medical marijuana “breeds lawlessness” is trying to repeal Montana’s law legalizing medicinal cannabis. The group received their approved petition Friday afternoon, and can now begin collecting signatures to place the misguided initiative on the November ballot.

The so-called “Safe Community Safe Kids” proposal needs to collect at least 24,337 signatures by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 18, reports KVTQ News.
“It’s perfectly clear,” said attorney and state Senator Jim Shockley (R-Victor), who helped rewrite the statement. “You are either for the current medical marijuana act or you’re against it, and that’s the choice the voter gets.”
The proposal calls for repealing the initiative legalizing medical marijuana, which was passed by an overwhelming 62 percent of Montana voters in 2004.

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​Never mind that an overwhelming 63 percent of residents voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2004. A prominent Montana Republican lawmaker wants to overturn the voter-passed law that legalized medicinal cannabis.

Senator Jim Shockley (R-Victor) on Monday requested a bill to be drafted for the 2011 Legislature to repeal the medical marijuana law, reports Jennifer McKee at the Helena Independent Record. Shockley claimed he believes marijuana has medical benefits and should remain legal, only in a “much more controlled way.”

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​A Colorado search warrant executed Tuesday authorized the seizure of records for more than 300 medical marijuana card holders, including doctors’ recommendations and personal contact information.

The warrant was issued after officers from the Grand Junction Police Department were called out Tuesday to investigate a suspicious odor emanating from a building near the offices of the U.S. Census Bureau, reports Paul Shockley at The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.
The warrant, signed by District Judge Thomas Deister, allowed for Western Colorado Drug Task Force officers to confiscate records “in order to verify who the current primary caregiver is” for the approximately 308 patient files found inside a large marijuana grow.


​A pot-smoking parolee in Colorado is facing criminal charges after allegedly offering a cash bribe to try to pass a drug test.

Chad M. Thomas, 34, of Palisade, Colorado, tried January 2 to bribe a state worker to allow him to use a device called a “Whizzinator” to pass a drug test he had to take as a condition of his parole, police said, reports Paul Shockley at The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.
Thomas said he had a medical marijuana card and did not want to go back to prison, but officials claimed they couldn’t confirm whether he was a legal patient.
Convicted felons are allowed to get medical marijuana cards under Colorado law, but those on parole must still pass tests for “illegal drugs.”