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A report released at a national conference hosted by the Federal Transit Administration earlier this month shows that American workers in states with legalized marijuana are failing drug tests for the substance at an increasing rate. The study, by Quest Diagnostics, which monitors drug test results in all fifty states annually, found the average positivity rate for Colorado and the national number both sitting at 4.2 percent last year. The positivity rates for pot, however, varied widely.

Colorado’s percentage of drug tests failed because marijuana — at 2.5 percent — was slightly above the 2 percent national average. Still, Colorado came nowhere near the rates of Nevada (43 percent), Massachusetts (14 percent) and California (11 percent), all states that approved recreational marijuana legislation in 2016.

Did you know that Colorado is suffering from a terrible marijuana shortage? Neither did we — but if it ever happens, the folks at NYHETER24 have created a “public-service announcement” dubbed Colorado #SaveTheWeed that should help you get through it. The hashtags that will help remind the kind community to conserve include #SmokeSmart, #WasteOfWeed, #ShotgunMySack, #GunninWithMyBros, #NotYourWeed, #OnlyReallyHaveEnoughForMyself and, of course, #HoldThatShitIn.

Marijuana grows on trees, but some newly minted Colorado recreational centers faced a shortages less than a week after opening — even though medical dispensary shelves remain stocked. As a result, several retail stores, including the high-profile 3D Cannabis Center, have voiced concerns that they won’t be able to keep filling the bowls of recreational tokers.
Though demand is high, the shortage isn’t necessarily due just to tourists and herb-hungry locals pilfering pot by the pound from the shelves. Instead, the shortage was likely caused before sales could even begin, thanks to a quick timetable for centers going through the recreational-sales process and a limited number of plants shops were able to transfer over to the recreational side.

Sick medical marijuana patients in New Mexico are finding it harder and harder to get access to medical cannabis, according to a newly released information from a survey conducted by the New Mexico Department of Health. Medical marijuana producers have also begun rationing to the patients they do serve.
The Albuquerque Journal, which first received the report after filing a records request with the state, says that some patients have been turning back to non-medical and less-legal cannabis providers.

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​A medical marijuana shortage in New Mexico — which, for the second year in a row, is seeing its state-licensed dispensary system struggling to supply patients with cannabis — means those who use it might not be able to get the relief they need, reports KOAT-TV in Albuquerque.

According to a man who runs Peace Medical Marijuana Consultants, a nonprofit group counseling medical marijuana patients, there are around five dispensaries in New Mexico, with almost 2,000 patients.

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​​I can remember weed droughts in the 1970s, and it was only the hippies complaining. Now the City of Oakland, California is prepared to renew its declaration of a “local public health emergency” stemming from a shortage of medical marijuana.

The routine declaration from the City Council was originally issued in 1998, according to city official Barbara Parker, and is meant to reinforce Oakland’s policy of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries and ordering police to effectively ignore pot offenses, reports David Downs at East Bay Express.

Although it doesn’t officially begin until December 21, winter might as well be here. Holiday lights are glowing, and the snow’s been falling. If you want to drink pumpkin shit for another month, that’s on you. The rest of us will stay cozy making cookies and tamales, or shredding the mountains and hockey rinks like Norse gods.

That’s the beauty of Colorado: Unlike in the Midwest, winter here doesn’t turn us into mole people for four months. We have no shortage of outdoor activities to keep us busy, and the same goes for weed diversity. To make sure you’re not left in the cold this winter, check out these ten strains that’ll keep you warm indoors or perhaps inspire you to take on the elements.

There’s no shortage of strain names that can lead to awkward moments with a budtender. Asking someone to show you a jar of Moby Dick or Matanuska Thunder Fuck is always a fun experience, but nothing tops calling a dispensary to ask if it has any Pootie Tang left — unless the budtender asks you to repeat the question, which actually happened to me at Herbs 4 You earlier this week. “I asked if you had any Pootie Tang left,” is something I’d rather not repeat.

Even after comedy hipsters and lovers of early-aughts blaxploitation parodies like Undercover Brother (which I sorta like) made Pootie Tang the movie into something of a cult classic, I never came around. The fame that Louis C.K. and J.B. Smoove later found in life likely has more to do with why people pretend to like Pootie Tang nowadays, but naming an award-winning weed strain after the film probably didn’t hurt brand awareness, either.

Trail Blazers is a series of portraits by photographer Maria Levitov spotlighting cannabis consumers from all walks of life.

Denver has seen no shortage of transplants, but not all of them feel at home right away. Freelance artist Claudia Campero moved here from Juárez, Mexico, and is still finding her groove in the Mile High as she searches for connections to her culture and heritage. To help her feel comfortable while exploring, Campero uses cannabis.

With plenty of public parks to play in, classic amusement parks to visit, a decent baseball team to watch and great views of the Rocky Mountains, there’s no shortage of summer activities to satisfy your Americana cravings. And the perfect treat to enjoy alongside almost all of those activities is ice cream. Unfortunately for anyone looking for wholesome refreshments after 10 p.m., options are somewhat limited.

So instead of going to the grocery store for a hard-frozen pint on a hot Saturday night, my girlfriend and I opted to spend our money on a big bag of weed, hoping that would make us forget about the two inches of frost layering the vintage popsicles in my freezer. Lucky for us, we came across a strain called Sunset Sherbet, so we didn’t need to eat any Obama-era ice pops.

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