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Graphic: Just Say Now

​​The mainstreaming of marijuana means that it is no longer considered a “right” or “left” issue. Pot legalization is now receiving support from across the political spectrum. 

And that’s a good thing, according to Jane Hamsher, founder and publisher of leading progressive blog
“It is very important to us that this is not viewed as a partisan issue, because we don’t think that it is,” Hamsher said Tuesday on a conference call with reporters.
“Young people want marijuana to be legalized in overwhelming numbers: young voters are not just excited to support legalization, but are much more likely to turn out to vote if marijuana is on the ballot,” Hamsher said. “We’re delighted about organizing legalization supporters and getting them to the polls on Election Day.”

Graphic: Cannabis Defense Coalition

​A bill has just reached the floor of the United States Senate that would double penalties for any edible products combined with medical marijuana in California and the 13 other states that provide compassionate relief for patients.

The worst part is that the bill was written and sponsored by Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic senator from California!
S. 258, the “Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act,” was introduced by Sen. Feinstein and is using a hyped-up media scare about “candy flavored methamphetamine” to attack medical marijuana patients and providers.
Since there is no national trend toward lacing candy and other edibles with meth or any other drug besides cannabis, this bill clearly targets legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers and patients in states that have legalized it as medicine.

Following Recent Raids, Medical Marijuana Advocacy Groups Call On President Obama To Withdraw Nomination of Michele Leonhart To Be DEA Administrator

Obama’s DEA Head Must Follow Stated Medical Marijuana Policy, End Obstruction of Marijuana Research, and Base Marijuana Rescheduling On Science Rather Than Ideology

A coalition of organizations supporting medical marijuana patients and providers is calling on President Obama to withdraw his nomination of Bush holdover Michele Leonhart to serve as administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Leonhart, currently the DEA’s acting administrator, has not demonstrated that she is capable of leading the agency in a thoughtful manner at a time when 14 states have enacted medical marijuana laws and science is increasingly confirming the therapeutic benefits of the substance, according to NORML.

Graphic: The Non Conformer

​Tenants caught growing as few as six marijuana plants in their homes could face automatic jail terms of at least nine months under a federal drug-sentencing bill revived Wednesday in Canada. The bill imposes harsher penalties on home renters than on homeowners for growing identical amounts of pot.

Introduced for the third time after dying twice before, the bill, S-10, removes discretion for judges to sentence as they see fit, proposing instead mandatory minimum jail terms for a variety of drug related crimes, reports Janice Tibbetts at The Vancouver Sun.

Photo: PopCrunch
Dr. Drew thinks framing people for drugs and getting them arrested is a good treatment for addiction.

​Television personality and “addiction specliaist” Dr. Drew Pinsky recently prescribed framing people for drugs and getting them arrested as an acceptable treatment for addiction.

Dr. Drew said, “If [Lindsay Lohan] were my daughter, I would just pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested. I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail.” This incredibly irresponsible advice is not only unethical, it’s also illegal and downright dumb.

The Association for Addiction Professionals’ code of ethics says: “I shall refrain from using any methods that could be considered coercive such as threats, negative labeling, and attempts to provoke shame or humiliation.”

Graphic: Madison NORML

​Students at more than 80 colleges across the United States are urging their universities to allow them to use marijuana, rather than the legal party substance, alcohol, as part of National Alcohol Awareness Month.

The students argue that stiff penalties for being caught in a campus dorm with cannabis encourages students to use alcohol and promotes binge drinking.
Here’s what pot does to you. Just ask Jill Wellock!

​Freelance writer Jill Wellock has a problem.

She really, really dislikes marijuana and, apparently, those who use it.
Wellock generously shares this extreme distaste with us in a guest op-ed piece in today’s edition of The Olympian, the newspaper of Olympia, Washington, the state’s capitol.
Jill gets right down to business with a real winner of a headline:
‘Marijuana saps initiative, ambition and responsibility’
Headline aside, we know right off the bat we’re in for a bumpy ride when Jill starts off by confiding in us that she attended a “rough junior high.” Apparently not really one for nostalgia, Wellock recalls “the stoner girls” carving “Joe Elliot” [sic]“into their forearms with wood screws to prove Def Leppard allegiance.”
Oh, Jill. First of all, if they carved “Joe Elliot,” they aren’t done carving, because the rock star’s name is spelled “Elliott.” Maybe you should give those “stoner girls” a call and tell them they need to get back out the wood screws.
Secondly, if these had been real “stoner girls” during the time period mentioned, they wouldn’t have been carving freakin’ Def Leppard tributes on their arms; it would have been Marilyn Manson. Or maybe Jerry Garcia.

Cannabis Therapy Institute

​The Cannabis Holiday Health Fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Boulder today will be the largest gathering of medical cannabis businesses ever held in Colorado, according to organizers, and will highlight the growing industry and its importance to the economy.
Several new businesses are using this as their debut appearance, including two magazines and several wellness centers. 
The Fair is a full-day public outreach event designed to answer questions about cannabis as medicine and how to become a legal patient in Colorado.
The  event is free and open to the public.
There will be displays from medical cannabis dispensaries as well as other hemp and cannabis-related businesses, video seminars, gifts, contests and prizes.
State Senator Chris Romer and Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown will attend from 12 noon until 1 p.m.