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Back in August we told you about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell and LaGarrette Blount getting busted by a motorcycle cop while smoking ganja in traffic and the subsequent (lack of) fallout for the two running backs. This week the two were due in court, and at least Bell has waived his right to a preliminary hearing on possession and DUI charges.
Bell says he wasn’t high at the time of the stop, though he admits to buying and smoking some of the herb.

Update: As expected, cops in Ross Township outside of Pittsburgh have charged Steelers running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount with marijuana possession for a three-quarter ounce bag of herb found in their car earlier this week after the pair were caught smoking up in traffic. Bell has also been charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. In Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to have any THC metabolites in your system when driving a car.
A third person in the car, 21-year-old Mercedes Dollson, was also charged with pot possession. Cops noted that all three were cooperative and polite, which you kind of have to be when a motorcycle cop pulls up next to you when you’ve got a lit joint going around the car.

No, this isn’t a super-happy cult: It’s a cannabis and yoga class put together by the master of relaxation himself. We recently interviewed Yogi D about his upcoming 420 Yoga Retreat, happening at Aspen Canyon Ranch on September 30 through October 2.

For a taste of what’s to come, Yogi D invited Westword into the sacred and spiritual realm that only the pairing of yoga and marijuana consumption can tap into. The class took place in Cluster Studios, an artist space that hosts cannabis-friendly events at 3881 Steele Street. The late-night crowd was comfortable, and people only got more comfortable as one-hitters were passed around in a circle outside the front door. The atmosphere was  welcoming to even the most novice of beginners.

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In recent months, officials and marijuana activists alike have been calling for cannabis users to make sure their stash isn’t accessible to children. Alysia Lombard and Mario Hollerway are accused of ignoring that advice and a lot more in relation to their three-year-old daughter, who tested positive for THC after vomiting at an area hospital. The story also includes cannabutter, expired red cards and a T-shirt of crack cocaine.

Enjoying its sixth year of showcasing the hottest innovations, and innovators, in the deeply talented glassblowing industry, the Degenerate Flame Off (or DFO) kicks off today in Eugene, Oregon.
Hosted annually since its inception by the beloved local glass supercenter, Cornerstone Glass, along with Northstar Glassworks, the DFO brings together the cream of the crop in the functional glassblowing world, along with mobs of their fans, for a scene that is equal parts competition and celebration.

Graphic: ReLegalize Indiana

​An Indiana state senator is asking a question she hopes could spur debate over sentencing laws, and possibly save the state millions of dollars in the process: Should marijuana be legalized?

Sen. Karen Tallian (D-Portage) is sponsoring a bill that would direct the criminal law and sentencing study committee to examine Indiana’s marijuana laws next summer and come up with recommendations, reports Deanna Martin of the Associated Press.
“We need to think about this,” Tallian said. “We’re cutting essential services out of the budget now, and it may not make sense to spend millions of dollars prosecuting marijuana cases.”
Senate Corrections Committee Chairman Brent Steele (R-Bedford) said he would give Tallian’s proposal a legislative hearing, despite the fact that Democrats are badly outnumbered in the Senate. He said the study could help lawmakers decide if they should explore the issue, but noted that “even in California,” a proposal to legalize marijuana failed. (Yes, it’s coming true, as we predicted: The failure of Prop 19 is now being used as a talking point by prohibitionists.)

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Local voters seem not to really care much about Pennsylvania State Rep. Paul Costa’s marijuana citation.

​In a refreshing show of common sense, Pennsylvania voters are saying “So what?” after a state legislator got caught smoking marijuana at a tailgate party outside a Steelers game last month.

State Rep. Paul Costa’s citation for smoking a joint isn’t exactly a “burning issue” in his district, reports Jason Cato at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
“To me, it doesn’t in any way affect his performance,” said Jim Curcio, 59, of Wilkins, Pa.
Rep. Costa (D-Wilkins) is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Wednesday due to allegations he smoked a joint with another man on October 3 near Heinz Field. Costa, 51, denied the accusation through his lawyer.
Pittsburgh police have charged him with “prohibited acts,” a misdemeanor.

PA House of Representatives
Rep. Paul Costa denies that he was smoking marijuana in the parking lot outside a Steelers game.

​A western Pennsylvania lawmaker stands accused of smoking marijuana while tailgating last month in the parking lot outside a Pittsburgh Steelers football game.

Pittsburgh police claim State Rep. Paul Costa, 51, was caught sharing a joint with another man in the parking lot of Heinz Field on October 3. Undercover Officer Alex Lee Myers claims he saw Costa (D-Wilkins) and another man passing the joint between them, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. (Since the Ravens beat the Steelers 17-14 that day, who could be mad at these guys for “allegedly” dulling the pain with a little herbal medicine?)
“He adamantly denies that he smoked any marijuana,” said Costa’s attorney, Phil DiLucente. “No narcotics of any kind were found on him. In fact, he detests marijuana,” DiLucente added.
Myers and police Sgt. Steve Matakovich were walking through the parking lot when they said they saw Costa and Mitchell Brourman, 50, of Edgewood, “smoking and passing between them a hand-rolled white cigarette,” while standing next to a 2008 white GMC Yukon.
Myers claimed he could smell “the overpowering scent of burning marijuana coming from the smoke surrounding both Brourman and Costa.”