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The neighborhood cop shop in Roubaix, France, has apparently been busy busting enough local weed dealers to cause quite a stink. They estimate that they have seized at least 40 kilograms of cannabis and ‘resin’, and their successes on the streets and the resulting stockpile of pot has them feeling pretty high…literally.
In an interview with local news outlet 20 Minutes (so many jokes…), one officer who either didn’t want to be identified, or couldn’t remember his name, was quoted saying, “Already on the ground floor it smells a bit. But on the first floor, the odor is really strong. When you go there, you clearly smell the weed. And after a day, you are stoned.”

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Mairie de Roubaix, the city hall of Roubaix, France

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Sam Hurd.

Former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd is going to jail likely for the rest of his life for cocaine trafficking, accused by the feds as being the kingpin to a major narcotics operation. Hurd, now in his late-20s, faces sentencing later today.
Apparently now with little left to lose, he’s coming clean about his days in the NFL – including how pervasive cannabis actually is in the league.

Denver is still considering measures to cut down on the skunky odor wafting through the Mile High city, but a recent report shows that cannabis is hardly the worst offender.
According to information that the Denver Department of Environmental Health shared at the Monday council meeting, this city’s residents are bothered by a lot worse odors than marijuana. In 2010, the DEH collected 98 total odor complaints — seven involving marijuana. In 2011, it heard 118, with eight involving marijuana. In 2012, Denver residents apparently had much more sensitive noses, making 288 complaints to the department, DEH head Doug Linkhart told councilmembers Monday — but only sixteen involved marijuana. And through September 20 of this year, there have been 85 complaints made, with just eleven involving marijuana. Denver Westword has the full, stinky story.

How far are people willing to go to get hash into Ireland? About the average length of the human intestinal tract, end to stinky end.
Unai Aguirregabica, a Spanish national, was busted at Cork Airport in Cork, Ireland, in August after a drug dog alerted on him at a customs checkpoint. Aguirregabica didn’t have anything on him. But he did have something in him: more than two pounds of hash.

Add this to the list of Things that Make You an Asshole: Stashing marijuana in the Minnie Mouse backpack of your friend’s 3-year-old daughter, then letting the girl get busted at preschool with said stash all in a state where marijuana is still illegal. Added? Good.
According to New York police, 24-year-old Kelly Mena is an asshole.

These are the true Stoner MacGyvers of the world. Below are our ten favorite homemade bongs on the internet that we would (probably) never smoke out of.

10. The Box Bong
It looks like someone duct-taped together a few plexiglass pieces and put a Big Gulp straw on the other end. But it utilized duct tape, so it had to be included. No doubt the amount of water this thing takes makes it feel like chugging a bong hit out of a bathtub.
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes: Did he pull the trigger on Thursday’s DEA letters? Our source says yes.

Were medical marijuana dispensaries targeted for opposing I-502, which is sponsored by Seattle’s city attorney?

The Drug Enforcement Administration letters sent out to 23 Seattle-area medical marijuana access points on Thursday are already stinking to high heaven, just over 24 hours later, as allegations of improper influence cloud the air.

According to Toke of the Town‘s well-placed source in the Washington cannabis community, Seattle Attorney Pete Holmes saw, at Hempfest, the strong opposition to Washington state Initiative 502, the “legalization” measure with a strict and unscientific DUI provision that has torn the community asunder. And, according to this version of events, Pete decided he really didn’t like the medical marijuana industry very much.
Our source tells us that when Holmes got home from Hempfest, still smarting from public relations drubbing the No On 502 folks handed the Yes team at the protestival, he allegedly influenced his good friend U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan to send the letters which went out to dispensaries on Thursday.

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Foie gras with mustard seeds and green onions in duck jus

The World According To Jack

I’m Tired of Having Shit Jammed Down My Throat

Commentary By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Gavage; (French orig., to gorge) 
1. Practice of feeding an animal against their will
 2. Supplying a nutritional substance by means of a plastic tube.
On July 1st of 2012, California banned Foie Gras from being sold in state’s restaurants or stores. Those epicureans among us know that Foie Gras is made from the liver of a goose or a duck that has been forcibly enlarged by being fed utilizing a long funnel that transfers corn or other grains directly into the bird’s stomach. The mash is forced down their throats many times a day fattening up the birds for slaughter while producing, some say an exquisite liver-like substance in the process. That’s basically Foie Gras, not counting thousands of years of French history.
This popular and well-known delicacy is like smashed giblets drenched with butter purée and pressed in a liver-casing that’s guarantees a creamy rich good time. Now it is prohibited to sell Foie Gras in California, just as it has been outlawed Illinois and in London for some time.
So your first thought is, when they outlaw Foie Gras, only outlaws will have Foie Gras.
Wrong, Ducky. When the ban came down prohibiting the fatty bloated liver spam, dedicated activists hardly wasted any time responding with the birth of the Foie Gras Black Market. The parallels to the prohibition on… alcohol are uncanny.