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Virginia is for medical marijuana lovers, with 84 percent of registered voters polled in a recent Quinnipiac University Polling Institute study saying they want legal access for sick Virginians.
But support for medical marijuana doesn’t equal support for the recreational use of cannabis, with 46 percent of people in the same poll agreeing that adult use be tolerated. That could shift in the next few years, however. Seventy-one percent of voters aged 18 to 29 said they want to legalize cannabis.

Austin, Texas resident Corey Lynn Plumlee is allegedly pretty open about his pot use. That’s nothing out of the ordinary in Austin, which has a pretty cool attitude towards pot most of the time. But when you go bragging about it on Craigslist and start offering to hook strangers up with “Cali-style” nuggets, it’s going to draw some attention.
See, Austin is a cool town, but it’s not that cool – as Plumlee found that out the hard way earlier this week.

A Thai woman caught with nearly 40 pounds of pot in a bus station in Sungai Petani last February will be hung for her “crime” according to Malaysian English-language news site, The Star.
Thitapah Charoenchuea, a 26-year-old single mother of a ten-year-old daughter, has maintained that she is was framed and that this was someone else’s drug deal gone wrong. She says that a man she only knew as “Ali” approached her before she boarded a bus after a brief stop on a bus from Changlun to Kuala Lumpur and asked Thitapah to take care of his bags and he would meet her in Kuala Lumpur.

Last Wednesday, the FBI announced that they had identified and detained Ross William Ulbricht, aka “Dread Pirate Roberts”, the alleged founder and owner of the not-so-Top-Secret illicit online drug marketplace known as Silk Road.
Until the seizure by the Feds last week, Silk Road, in operation since 2011, served as a sort of for anything from pills to hallucinogens to heroin, and everything in between.

Seattle Police won’t be ticketing people for public consumption at this weekend’s Hempfest. Instead, they’ll be issuing munchies along with information on the newly-passed marijuana laws in Washington state.
We already predict that there will be two schools of thought on this from the ganja smoking camp: The first, is that it’s a funny, smart and tongue-in-check way of distributing some public information to a target group of people. The second is that it’s an insulting way for police to continue stereotype cannabis users as junk-food eating dumbbells. We here at Toke side more with the former than the latter here, though admittedly we have a thing for Doritos to begin with.

Update – 2:55 p.m. 7/25/2013: According to the Associated Press, four dispensaries were targeted in raids yesterday, despite claims by one Washington attorney that as many as 18 were on the chopping block.
So far, Seattle Cross, Tacoma Cross, Key Peninsula Cross and Bayside Collective (formerly Lacey Cross) are the four dispensaries identified. All four were also parts of raids in 2011. The feds haven’t officially commented on it, but employees at Bayside Collective say agents told them that the raids were part of a two-year investigation.

Growing up in a rough Miami neighborhood in the 1970’s, Carl Hart was no stranger to life on the streets. One of eight kids, living in decrepit low-income housing projects, Hart watched his abusive father physically torment their mother for years.
Raised amid gunshots, domestic violence, and utter poverty, Hart was using and pushing a variety of drugs, had held someone at gunpoint, was committing robberies, and had unknowingly fathered a child – all by the age of 16. He seemed to be right on track to becoming another statistic in south Florida, another wasted youth.

Adam Kokesh.

Every month for the last five months, cannabis activists, advocates, and supporters gather together in downtown Philadelphia in a pro-marijuana protest they have dubbed Smoke Down Prohibition”.
It’s been peaceful for the last four rallies, but that changed last Saturday. Philly police waited for the crowd to spark their ceremonial spliffs, then rushed the mic and pulled guest speaker and Libertarian talk show host Adam Kokesh from the stage, arresting him in front of his supporters on charges of resisting arrest.

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Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott celebrating three years of high points and big hits

Three years ago today — actually, three years ago tonight, at 7:08 p.m. Pacific time — my THC-stained fingers hit the “Post” button for the first-ever story on Toke of the Town.

“The good thing about a free marketplace of ideas is,” I wrote, in the first sentence ever to appear on this site, “despite the best efforts of prohibitionists and their fear-mongering propaganda, the truth eventually prevails.”
More than 3,600 stories later — and with hundreds of joints, medibles, and bongloads littering my path — I’m still loving this gig, and judging by pageviews, so are close to half a million of you every month.

Law Offices of David Sloane
Attorney David Sloane shared with Toke of the Town this photo of Zach Walker in the cage of the patrol car immediately following his arrest (taken by the patrol car camera system), telling us he finds the photo “particularly nauseating”

A college student in Texas who has elected to take his chances with a jury following his arrest for marijuana possession is now set for jury trial. Zachariah Walker, 23, has rejected the state’s final offer of 60 days in jail. No date has yet been set for the trial, but the court coordinator predicts it will be in Denton County Criminal Court Number 2 sometime in February 2013, according to Walker’s attorney.

Back on July 13, Walker, of Denton, Texas, was stopped for an alleged traffic violation by the University of North Texas Police Department. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, officers claimed they found about two grams of marijuana. Walker was immediately arrested and booked into the Denton County Jail; he was later released after posting $1,000 bond.
As previously reported on Toke of the Town, Walker already elected to reject the state’s October 10 plea bargain of 180 days in jail, probated for 18 months, and a $600 fine; or 70 days in jail without a probationary term or fine. A member of The University of North Texas student chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (UNT-NORML), Zach said if anybody is going to send him to jail for possession of marijuana, it is going to be a jury of his peers.
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