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Banking issues have been a major stumbling block for the cannabis industry, with banks refusing to work with marijuana-related companies for fear of coming under scrutiny of federal regulators. So far, attempts to clear up that conflict have gone nowhere in Congress — but now a former federal government employee has come up with a partial solution: Tokken, an app for both customers and dispensaries that was recently named a finalist for the 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award.

A former banker for Merrill Lynch, Lamine Zarrad came to Colorado in 2014 as a regulator with the U.S. Treasury. He soon became the department’s liaison between the cannabis industry and Washington, D.C., helping to address fiscal concerns of both the federal government and Colorado businesses. That led to his working with compliance experts in the financial sector to try to untangle the banking issue.

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office
Fiona Apple’s mugshut

(Except the Jonas Brothers… That’s Your Punishment, Sheriff West)
By Angela Bacca
Special to Toke of the Town
Last week, singer-songwriter Fiona Apple’s tour bus passed through west Texas’s Hudspeth County, where it was stopped by local law enforcement and searched for narcotics. The search turned up about an ounce and a half each of marijuana and hashish. Apple was taken to jail where she spent a night before being released on $10,000 bail.
Now, according to Alternet, she faces a minimum of two years — and a maximum of 10 — in federal prison for the offense.
Blatantly pro-marijuana musicians Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) and Willie Nelson both got away with a hand slap — but not until after Willie Nelson was pressured to perform “Blue Eyes Cryin’ in he Rain,” for a judge to have his charges dismissed.

Helena Independent Record
Medical marijuana provider Tom Daubert was facing a 20-year federal prison sentence — and he was following Montana state law. On Thursday, he got five years’ probation.

Tom Daubert, a drug policy reform activist with a long history of work for humane medical marijuana laws, received five years’ probation in a decision reached Thursday by federal U.S. District Court.
“I’m grateful for the judge’s leniency but I will never stop believing that patients deserve to live under a law that recognizes true science,” Daubert said upon being sentenced.
Daubert’s former business, Montana Cannabis, was raided by federal agents in March 2011.  Despite having worked closely with state and local law enforcement leaders throughout his involvement in marijuana production for state-legal patients, Tom was prevented from submitting a defense under federal law that his company complied with Montana’s medical marijuana law.

Photo: WBAL
Marijuana critic: William Breathes at work

​My friends at Denver Westword are lobbying to have their medical marijuana panel accepted for the 2012 South By Southwest (SXSW) conference, and they have a good shot at making the cut. But they need our help.

The panel, “Big Business: The Future of Marijuana Journalism” couldn’t be more relevant and timely.

Online voting comprises 30 percent of how a panel gets accepted for inclusion. “That’s a big chunk,” said Web Editor Nick Lucchesi at Westword.
To vote for inclusion of the medical marijuana panel, click this link: