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Gone To Pot

Makers of the upcoming cannabis movie, Gone To Pot — a comedy about two hustlers who inherit a medical marijuana dispensary — have announced a free video contest in which entrants will explain why they like weed.

“The top 10 videos selected will appear in our film and the top three will share $10,000,” Gone To Pot writer/director Marty Keegan told Toke of the Town. “It’s free to enter as many times as you like.”
Celebrity judges of the video contest include legendary comedian Margaret Cho and Academy Award nominated director Peter Bogdanovich, according to Keegan.


Calling all creative cannabis consumers! The Dallas-Forth Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML) has announced a 48-Hour Hemp T-Shirt Design Contest.
In the next 48 hours, the group has to decide on its second hemp t-shirt design. The best design wins $50, two copies of the shirt and a free one-year membership to DFW NORML.
The contest is to perfect the first t-shirt design specifically for Texas marijuana activists — but you do NOT have to live in Texas (or even in the United States) to enter.

Library Foundation of Los Angeles

Editor’s note: Los Angeles writer Mark Haskell Smith’s new book Heart of Dankness sprang from his news coverage of the Cannabis Cup for the L.A. Times. Novelist Smith sampled varieties of marijuana that were unlike anything he’d experienced before, unlike any typical stoner weed. In fact, it didn’t get you “stoned,” as such. This cannabis possessed an ephemeral quality known as “dankness.”

Haskell began a journey into the international underground where super-high-grade marijuana is developed. He tracked down the ragtag community of underground botanists, outlaw farmers, and renegade strain hunters who pursue excellence and genetic diversity in cannabis. The dank journey climaxes at Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup, which Mark portrays as the Super Bowl/Mardi Gras of the world’s largest cash crop.

Cannabis writer and connoisseur Caitlin Podiak got a chance to chat with Haskell Smith about the book, about good cannabis, and about what, exactly, constitutes a state of dankness. Enjoy!

Discussing Dankness
By Caitlin Podiak
Special to Toke of the Town
Caitlin Podiak: Your quest for the “heart of dankness” centers on the annual High Times Cannabis Cup event in Amsterdam. But how relevant do you think those awards are to cannabis users in California? I know many of the strains we have here come from Dutch seeds, but beyond that, I wonder how much the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup results should matter to us in the United States.
Mark Haskell Smith: Oh, I think they’re very relevant to what goes on in California. The strains that win the Cannabis Cup ultimately become the popular strains you find in medical dispensaries or being sold by dealers. AK-47, Super Silver Haze, Willie Nelson, Lavender, LA Confidential… these are all fairly common strains nowadays, but they were first introduced at the Cannabis Cup. I imagine Kosher Kush, which is originally a SoCal strain, will become huge in the next year or two because it just won the Indica Cup in Amsterdam. It’s sort of like Coachella for cannabis. It’s where the unknowns get their shot at the big time. And that resonates in California. We want those seeds.

All photos by Jack Rikess

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
​This is going to be very hard for some people to understand.
I sometimes smoke cannabis recreationally.
Even though I am allowed to be a card-carrying Cali medical marijuana patient due to a thrown-out disc from my care-giving days — and scary migraines that, at their worst, feel like I’m a walking Munch painting —  there are days when I just like to get stoned.
Here’s another little tidbit. Sometimes, when I do smoke recreationally, it takes me away from a physical place to what shrinks like to call the “Happy Spot.” 
And then I open my eyes and I’m back from wherever.

Michael D. Weinstein
Leave that crack jacket at home, homie.

​A man accused of drug trafficking showed up for court Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wearing a jacket the bore a cartoon-style recipe for cooking crack cocaine.

“Maybe he was hoping to impress the judge or ‘crack up’ the courtroom crowd, but the fashion police at the Broward County Courthouse labeled it a fashion fail,” reports Paula McMahon at the Broward-Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel.
“Probably not the smartest attire for a defendant!” wise-cracked Michael D. Weinstein, a lawyer who snapped the cellphone photo which accompanies this article.
The white jacket seemed to be a how-to guide for cooking crack cocaine, complete with little pictures of a white substance with a spoon, a carton of baking soda and a pot over a fire. The end product was “rock.”
The recipe was capped off by the slogan “Stack Paper Say Nothing” — in other words, make money, hold onto it and keep your mouth shut about where it came from.

THC Finder

​There’s an initiative afoot in Arkansas to put medical marijuana legalization on the ballot in November 2012.

Arkansans for Compassionate Care is circulating a petition to allow the sick and dying to legally use cannabis medicinally with a doctor’s authorization for 16 different serious or chronic diseases and disorders such as cancer, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and HIV/AIDS.
The program would allow for 30 nonprofit dispensaries across the state. Those who live more than five miles from the nearest dispensary would be allowed to get a marijuana-growing permit.
“If we collect 62,500 signatures, the initiative will appear on the 2012 Presidential ballot in Arkansas,” Shannon Steece of Arkansans for Compassionate Care told Toke of the Town. “Currently we have less than 20,000 unvalidated signatures.”

All photos: Jack Rikess

Medical Marijuana Activists In San Francisco Challenge the Obama Administration Crackdown; Toke of the Town Was There

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Last time we thought it was some sick joke when Obama came to fundraise in San Francisco on April 20, the pot smoker’s holiday, after having changed his stance and began his reversal on medical marijuana in California. 
Today, no one was laughing.

Veterans Today

​Raising worrisome First Amendment issues, U.S. Attorneys are getting ready to go after newspapers, radio stations and other outlets which accept advertising for California’s medical marijuana dispensaries, as the Obama Administration opens up another front in its ongoing war against medicinal cannabis.

After announcing earlier this month that landlords could have their property seized if they rent to dispensaries, the Administration seems to be including media outlets in its threats, as well, reports Michael Montgomery at California Watch.

Marijuana advertising is the next area U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy is “going to be moving onto as part of the enforcement efforts in Southern California,” she said. Duffy, whose district includes San Diego and Imperial counties, said she couldn’t speak for the other three federal prosecutors in the state, but noted they have coordinated their efforts thus far.

Freedom Is Green
The legendary Robert Platshorn served more prison time for a nonviolent marijuana offense than anyone else in U.S. history. Now he’s teaching other seniors about medical marijuana on The Silver Tour.

​Almost every time a poll is taken on public levels of support for medical marijuana, one of the groups most resistant to the idea is one that stands to gain the most from it: senior citizens. If we, as a community, can find a way to educate seniors on the health benefits and palliative qualities of medicinal cannabis, it will be a huge step towards achieving the numbers it will take to legalize medical marijuana on the federal level. Seniors are known as the most powerful voting bloc in the nation, and they always show up at the polls.

That’s where the legendary Robert Platshorn, the Black Tuna himself, comes in. Platshorn — who started as a pitchman, became one of the biggest marijuana smugglers of the 1970s, and then spent almost 30 years in federal prison — has taken on the job of informing his fellow senior citizens about the health benefits of cannabis.
The Silver Tour is the only organization reaching out to seniors about medical marijuana, according to Platshorn, and its work consists of informing them on ways to organize, petition and contact their local politicians to demand legal, safe access to medicinal cannabis.

I’m in favor of it, of course.

You’re a free agent, man. I can’t tell you what to do. But I can tell you what I’ve chosen to do: Wear a “Weed for the People” t-shirt from Mangled Mind Designs.

These high-quality, sand-colored 100 percent cotton Hanes tagless t-shirts feature the slogan “Weed for the People of the United States of America” in old-fashioned, “Constitutional” style script, to let people know where you’re coming from.
You can get ’em for $16.95 apiece (plus $2 if you’re 2XL like me) from Mangled Mind by clicking here.