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CannaKids founder Tracy Ryan with her daughter Sophie.

The issue often comes up

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The REC initiatives in Massachusetts and three other states include measures that protect parents from losing custody of their children as a result of marijuana use. An Idaho mom has lost custody of her kids and is facing criminal charges after giving her child cannabis butter to relieve seizure-like symptoms.

CannaKids founder Tracy Ryan with her daughter Sophie.

When Tracy Ryan’s daughter Sophie was just 8 months old, doctors found a tumor in the newborn’s brain.

Doctors told Ryan that the slow-growing optic pathway glioma tumor near her daughter’s left eye would never go away. And if the tumor continued to grow, Sophie could lose vision in that eye.

Faced with the prospect of their daughter’s blindness, Ryan joined an increasing number of parents who are turning to cannabis to treat their children for illnesses ranging from cancer to epilepsy.

After nearly two years of chemotherapy combined with highly concentrated cannabis oil, made mostly of non-psychoactive, can’t-get-you-high cannabidiol (CBD) with traces of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — Sophie’s tumor has shrunk.

Read more of Sophie’s story via L.A. Weekly.
Police claim this seized pot pipe was made from a toilet plunger. Babe-a-licious reporter Joleen Chaney of KFOR-TV holds the plunger pipe above.

​Police in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, made an unusual marijuana bust after pulling over a truck with a broken taillight. They claim the driver was making a pot run that started in California but only made it as far as Kingfisher, and was carrying — along with a bunch of weed — a pipe made from a toilet plunger.

“I got enough that he’s going to go away for a long time,” a deputy said with unsavory glee, reports Joleen Chaney of KFOR-TV.
There was supposedly enough marijuana and associated paraphernalia “to fill an evidence room,” including jars of cannabis police claim they seized after making the traffic stop.
“He was just acting a little bit funny, and my partner said he smelled burnt marijuana in the vehicle, and I told him I smelled green marijuana coming from the vehicle,” said Kingfisher County Deputy Eric Richardson. “He said that he did have marijuana in the floorboard.”

Rory Murray/OC Weekly

​Sentencing for medical marijuana defendants Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron — convicted of cannabis sales in relation to a pair of dispensaries in Long Beach, California and another in Garden Grove — has been delayed. In an unexpected, 11th-hour move, Long Beach Superior Court Judge Charles D. Sheldon removed himself from the case Wednesday morning, citing allegations of his biased behavior in the courtroom and admitting he made a serious error in sending a complimentary letter to the prosecutor prior to sentencing.

Judge Sheldon — who throughout the trial, put on one of the most unseemly displays of anti-marijuana bias in memory — denied the allegations, reports Nick Schou of OC Weekly. “The court is not biased in favor of any party or counsel,” he claimed, responding to a recusal motion by defense attorneys Christopher Glew and Allison Margolin. The recusal motion included a laundry list of Judge Sheldon’s objectionable statements. 

The Weedly News
Joe Grumbine, above, and Joe Byron were found guilty of all counts Wednesday by a jury in Long Beach, California

Long Beach Kangaroo Court Yields Insane Jury Verdict

After what was reportedly one of the worst, most farcical and biased trials in history, led by an octogenarian judge who openly and repeatedly expressed his bias against medical marijuana — at one point even ordering a screen to be erected between the jurors and courtroom visitors — Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron, who operated Long Beach dispensaries, were found guilty Wednesday of all 13 counts.

The two are scheduled to return to Long Beach Superior Court on January 11 for sentencing. Superior Court Judge Charles Sheldon allowed the men to remain out on bail over the holidays.

Grumbine and Byron were raided and arrested two years ago this month, reports Nick Schou at OC Weekly, resulting in a long legal nightmare which culminated in today’s convictions. The jury found both men guilty of selling marijuana, tax evasion, and electricity theft.
The charges, according to supporters of the two Joes, are nothing more than an attack by overzealous police and prosecutors in violation of California’s medical marijuana law, reports Tracy Manzer at the Long Beach Press Telegram.

World Economic Forum
President Felipe Calderon scolded “political forces” that don’t have the “vision” to support his Drug War

​President Felipe Calderon of Mexico admitted on Sunday that despite five years of all-out war against the drug cartels in his country, the organizations continue to pose “an open threat” to democracy in Mexico. He must have lost the part of his speech that would have detailed how his own Drug War has done exactly the same thing.

In a frankly worded speech marking the start of his sixth and last year in office, Calderon said interference in elections by drug gangs “is a new fact, a worrisome fact,” reports Tracy Wilkinson at the Los Angeles Times. “It is a threat to everyone,” Calderon said.
President Calderon was probably thinking about last month’s local elections in Michoacan, his home state, where drug traffickers intimidated voters and told people how to vote.

Renton Reporter

It was a double bummer. Not only was the weed bunk, she also got fired for buying it.

An employee at the Fred Meyer department store in Renton, Washington, was fired on the spot for buying what she allegedly thought was marijuana in the store’s parking lot on September 9, according to Renton police reports.

A loss-prevention officer at Fred Meyer, 365 Renton Center Way, saw the female employee apparently buying marijuana from a vehicle in the parking lot around 3 p.m., reports Tracy Compton at the Renton Reporter.
The rent-a-cop called police, and the police stood by while the employee was immediately fired.
The employee was not arrested, but she came damn close: the cops had already read her Miranda warnings.
When the cops took a closer look at the “marijuana,” it turned out to be a spice ingredient consistent with oregano.

Addiction counselor David Scratchley is accused of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy

​David Scratchley, a “Christian drug-treatment manager” based in Seattle, has been arrested and charged with attempted rape of a child in the first degree and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. He is being held in the King County Jail on $1 million bail, and is scheduled for arraignment on September 21.

Scratchley, 52, presents himself as an expert on such topics as “power parenting” and “treatment options for addicted teens,” subjects that he has addressed in both books and in online videos, reports Nina Shapiro at Seattle Weekly.
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