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​New Jersey officials setting up the Garden State’s deeply flawed medical marijuana program heard Wednesday from people hoping to get one of the six licenses — two licenses for growers, and four licenses for dispensaries — called for by the new law. The feedback wasn’t positive.

The New Jersey law, described as the most restrictive medical marijuana law in the nation, is so strict that both prospective growers and sellers say some patients might keep getting their pot from illegal dealers.
At the hearing in Trenton, N.J., one prospective dispensary owner criticized the proposed rules by saying “anybody would be a fool to apply,” reports Brian Thompson at NBC New York.

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​More than a dozen people on Monday asked the Nebraska Board of Pharmacy to reclassify marijuana so it can be authorized as medicine.

Those testifying included a medical doctor, a lawyer, one of the original Yippies from the 1960s and an Iowa trucker wearing a “Reverend Reefer” t-shirt, reports Paul Hammel at the Omaha World-Herald.
They urged the board to help Nebraska join 14 other states the allow medicinal cannabis to relieve pain and ease the symptoms of diseases such as cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

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​Shock waves are still reverberating through the medical marijuana community after more than half-a-dozen growing operations were raided by the Colorado Springs Metro Vice unit on Wednesday.

Police served seven warrants, claiming they were all illegal growing operations, reports 11 News.
All seven were growing operations and not storefront dispensaries, according to police spokesman Sgt. Steve Noblitt.

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​Two zealously anti-pot Los Angeles police officers on Wednesday warned Hawaii it could “see an increase in crime” if it legalizes medical marijuana dispensaries and softens its marijuana laws.

“It’s so bad in L.A.,” claimed Sgt. Eric Bixler of the Narcotics Division of Los Angeles Police Department. Bixler said law enforcement officers there “deal daily with the effects” of California’s Proposition 215, which allows patients and caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use, reports Melissa Tanji at The Maui News.
People driving while smoking, and teens buying marijuana at dispensaries to resell on the street are just some of the problems caused by California’s medical marijuana law, the officers claimed.
Of course, since they’re good honest cops, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really believe nobody in California history ever drove a car while high until the medical marijuana law passed in 1996. Maybe they’re just a little slow in getting around to actually reading the language of the law, which prohibits sales to anyone without a doctor’s recommendation to use pot.