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Photo: WHTM
Robert Henry: “My growing and smoking, it harms no one.”

​A Pennsylvania man who says he smokes marijuana daily for religious reasons was sentenced to a lengthy prison term on Wednesday after telling the judge that he is being persecuted for his spiritual beliefs.

Robert Henry, 51, formerly of Fannettsburg, was given a sentence of 6.5 to 13 years in prison for growing and selling cannabis, reports Myles Snyder at WHTM.
A jury last month found him guilty of “manufacturing marijuana” with intent to deliver, conspiracy, and possession of “drug paraphernalia.” Henry reportedly wore a T-shirt featuring a marijuana leaf and the words, “I Am Not A Criminal” and “Legalize Marijuana” to his trial on April 14. At Wednesday’s hearing, he had on an orange jail jumpsuit and shackles.
Franklin County Senior Judge John Walker also ordered Henry to pay $50,500 in fines, undergo a drug treatment program and avoid contact with his codefendants in the case, reports Jim Tuttle at Public Opinion.
“I liken what the government is doing to me to the way the Nazis treated the Jews during World War II,” Henry said.