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Photo: WLBZ
The first medical marijuana dispensary on the U.S. East Coast is an unassuming looking home in Frenchville, Maine.

​It’s a historic day. The first medical marijuana dispensary on the East Coast of the U.S. has opened in Frenchville, Maine.

Safe Alternatives looks like a typical house, reports Jackie Ward at WLBZ. But there are video cameras and floodlights as required by state law; town officials said the security equipment operates 24/7.
The dispensary is less than a mile from an elementary school, but state law only requires it to be at least 500 feet away.
Predictably, some narrow-minded local residents seemed to be just looking for something to complain about.
“When I stopped by to take the picture there was nobody there, just a note on the door that said ‘Leave packages on the porch,’ whatever that means,” said Frenchville resident Cameron Price. (My highly educated guess it that “Leave packages on the porch” is secret code for “Leave packages on the porch.”)

Photo: The Fresh Scent
Congressman Barney Frank: “People who make a personal decision to smoke marijuana should not be subject to prosecution”

​U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) told attendees at the first Maine Medical Marijuana Expo on Saturday that current laws against marijuana use are expensive, are applied unevenly and should be repealed.

“People who make a personal decision to smoke marijuana should not be subject to prosecution,” Frank said, noting that the legalization movement has allies in the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, reports David Hench at the Kennebec Journal. “This is the kind of fight that’s worth making. It’s winnable.”
Frank was present during a marijuana arrest at James Ready’s home in Ogunquit, Maine last October. Ready is well-known for his long term relationship with Congressman Frank, reports My Fox Boston.
The Congressman’s message was well received by a crowd of about 100, including many vendors set up for the day-long exposition in Portland, Maine.

Graphic: Medical Marijuana Blog

​The City Council of Portland, Maine has unanimously agreed to include a medical marijuana dispensary in the city’s business zoning ordinance.

Three companies have been selected by the state Department of Health to dispense cannabis  to authorized patients in Maine. The state-licensed dispensaries will be in six locations around the state, including downtown Portland, reports Amanda Hill at WLBZ2.
The state of Maine has agreed to allow Northeast Patients Group to open dispensaries in Portland, Thomaston, Augusta or Waterville, and Hermon.
The group is looking at a number of locations in Portland, now that the zoning ordinance allows it to open a dispensary within the business 2, 3, and 7 zones of the city.
One key location under discussion is the former location of a Key Bank on the corner of Congress and St. John Streets, but one concern is that it’s too tight an area to accommodate a lot of traffic.