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Graphic: Yes On Prop 19

​Support for Proposition 19, California’s Tax and Regulate Cannabis marijuana legalization initiative, is at 50 percent in the latest Survey USA poll, which was released Thursday. The figure is unchanged from last month’s Survey USA poll.

About 40 percent of respondents oppose Prop 19, which would allow Californians 21 or over to carry up to an ounce of pot and grow a 5×5 marijuana garden. The initiative would also give counties and cities the local option of permitting, taxing, and regulating marijuana sales and cultivation, reports Phillip Smith at
Other recent polls show similar levels of support for Prop 19. A Sacramento Bee/Field poll released last weekend showed support for a general marijuana legalization question at 51 percent.
Interestingly, ike other recent telephone polls, Thursday’s Survey USA poll shows higher levels of support for legalization than the face-to-face polls. Voters could be reluctant to say they support a controversial idea like cannabis legalization in a face-to-face encounter, but may do so in much greater numbers in the privacy of the voting booth, Smith points out.

Photo: Saigon Market
I’m assuming dude falls on the “Yes” side of the question.

​A small majority of California voters supports the legalization of adult cannabis use in the state, according to a new Sacramento Bee/Field Poll.

The poll is especially interesting because it gave voters a menu of options from which to choose their preferred marijuana policy, reports policy analyst Jon Walker at Firedoglake.
“Maintaining the current marijuana policy is in fact an extreme minority position in the state,” notes Walker. Only one third of voters supports strictly enforcing current laws against pot, or passing even tougher laws.
Combining the small group (4 percent) of voters who think marijuana should be legal for everyone with those who support legalizing and regulating it like alcohol results in a total of 51 percent supporting legalization.