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jeff sessions (left)/Medicine Man

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — but in 2018, imitation can also be simple mockery. Count a Denver dispensary chain’s decision to name a marijuana strain after United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions among the latter.

Inspired by the AG’s public remarks and his recent rescission of nine years’ worth of federal protective guidelines for marijuana businesses and users, Medicine Man’s Jeff Sesh-ons is a sativa-leaning hybrid of Jet Fuel and Bio Diesel. The combination of genetics from Colorado-based 303 Seeds would usually equate to another strain called Rocket Fuel, but the Medicine Man grow produced a phenotype with different characteristics, so the staff was mulling over what to name it.

Alien DreamHerbert Fuego

I desperately tried to tiptoe around the flu bug that just swept through Denver, popping vitamin C and obsessively washing my hands for weeks. Didn’t matter. Within twelve hours of feeling a tickle in my throat, fluids were exiting my body as though I were a Civil War soldier stricken with dysentery. And after finally breaking through a weeklong Nyquil haze, I was ready for some cannabinoid relief — an indica, to be specific.

Not smoking for a few days affects every regular user differently, but all of my friends would tell you that I become obnoxious and immature (or at least more so than usual). So finding a buff yet pillowy indica to calm my nerves was paramount on my visit to Herbs4You, and Alien Dream sounded perfect for a head-first dive back into stonerdom. Alien Dream is an indica-dominant hybrid of Alien Bubba and Blue Dream, two strains known to take users to otherworldly heights.

Jacqueline Collins

New sales revenue data from the Colorado Department of Revenue shows that the state’s legal cannabis industry collected over $1.5 billion in 2017 and accounted for nearly $4.5 billion in sales since recreational stores first opened on January 1, 2014.

Overall dispensary sales rose in December for the first time since August 2017, according to DOR data, with revenue increasing over 7 percent from November ($119.56 million) to December ($128.27 million). Recreational sales in December accounted for around $96.34 million, while the medical side collected $31.92 million.

ogre strainHerbert Fuego

If ogres existed, I don’t think they’d be very pleased with their current reputation. Shrek has turned the ogre, once a fierce and disgusting terror of folklore, into a sweet, funny hero known more for a talking donkey than an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Luckily, cannabis breeders have provided the green monster a second chance at a killer reputation with Ogre, a skunky hybrid that can lean either way, depending on the grower.

opium strainHerbert Fuego

I’ve been vocal about my hesitation to try strains named for synthetic drugs; they put me in a foul state of mind before I even light up. But a friend of mine recently pointed out that such strains as Herijuana and Opium actually help medical marijuana patients looking for heavy, sedated strains with effects similar to those of prescription medication. While smoking something named for exactly what you’re avoiding sounds a little counterproductive, I could see his point, so I decided to give Opium’s healing power a try after I sprained my toe playing basketball.

Kate McKee Simmons

A national cannabis trade organization with strong ties to Denver has proposed new packaging standards for its members. Those standards, which are similar to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s packaging regulations, will be the first of many to be adopted by members of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, according to an announcement from the organization.

Pre-filled hash cartridges are one of the most popular cannabis products to come out of legalization, providing a discreet and convenient way for consumers to toke where and when they want. Butane hash oil has been the dominant variety of cannabis oil used to fill the cartridges since retail sales began in Colorado in 2014, but now distillate, once an expensive treat, is pushing old techniques out the door.

cactus breathHerbert Fuego

I’ve never regretted my move from Arizona to Colorado a few years ago, even though I’m sure a lot of “natives” regret it for me. But while the scenery here is hard to beat, and seeing the Rocky Mountains on the way to work is a daily reminder of this state’s beauty, I’ll always miss the desert. And as I was longing for sherbet skies and shorts last week, cannabis provided a breath of home. Cactus Breath, to be exact.

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