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Photo: AZ Capitol Times
U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke: “Even clear and unambiguous compliance with (Arizona Medical Marijuana Act) does not render possession or distribution lawful”

‚ÄčArizona’s top federal prosecutor joined the growing chorus of U.S. Attorneys across the country on Monday, saying that the state’s medical marijuana law doesn’t protect patients, growers or sellers from federal prosecution.

U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, in a threatening letter to Arizona’s health director, claimed his law office “will abide” by a 2009 Department of Justice memo that discourages federal prosecution of medical marijuana patients and providers who are following state law. But he said anyone who possesses or distributes marijuana is still violating federal law, reports Mary K. Reinhart at The Arizona Republic.
Burke’s letter follows the recent pattern of federal prosecutors sending threatening letters to state officials, including governors, attorneys general and others in medical marijuana states. The threats have been underlined by recent federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington, Montana and California.