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Photo: Marty Calvano/Daily Camera
Todd Young, owner of the medical marijuana cultivation site the Therapeutic Compassion Center, tends his plants in this November 2009 file photo.

‚ÄčJust one day after Boulder, Colorado city officials removed a map from its website that showed the locations of 60 medical marijuana cultivation centers in the city — sites that were supposed to be kept secret, due to robbery concerns — a city spokesman admitted Friday that a second, even more detailed map was also accidentally made public.

The new map, removed from the city’s website on Friday, January 7, showed the locations of more than a dozen marijuana-growing operations. It also gave the exact addresses of two sites just east of downtown Boulder, reports Heath Urie at the Boulder Daily Camera.
“There was a second map on the online version [of a packet created for the Boulder City Council]and that has been removed from the website,” said Patrick von Keyserling, Boulder’s communication manager.