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A bill to outright legalize cannabis in Uruguay is starting to see action. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, the Uruguayan House of Representatives is set to vote on a legalization bill this summer – likely tomorrow.
The bill would still have to be approved by the Uruguayan senate and signed by President José Mujica before becoming law. Thankfully, the legalization idea came straight from Mujica’s office and his Frente Amplio party has majorities in both chambers of the legislature. If passed, Uruguayans over the age of 18 would be able to buy just under a half-ounce of cannabis per month at a government-regulated shop.

George Clooney.

Teaming up for the first time since their red carpet victories with Argo, writer Grant Heslov and actor George Clooney (who co-produced Argo) have reportedly been recruited by Sony Pictures to produce a feature film about a 1970’s Southern California pot smuggling ring, tentatively titled Coronado High.
But while there’s little doubt the script would be hit with moviegoers, the mere rumors of the flick have put the tiny Coronado Island community back in an unwanted spotlight.

Proud storm troopers: Cocky federal agents outside Oaksterdam University on Monday morning

“Confirmed RAID currently happening at Oaksterdam University – DEA and IRS. Please come show support, bring signs, get the word out. 1600 Broadway and 1776 Broadway Oakland!”Sacramento Americans for Safe Access (Facebook status update, 8:20 a.m.)

Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, famed as the first and probably biggest institution of cannabis education, was taken over by federal agents on Monday morning.
Toke of the Town was able to confirm reports Monday morning that owner Richard Lee had at first been detained in his apartment by federal agents. He was reportedly released around 10 a.m.
Officers wearing U.S. Marshals, Internal Revenue Service and Drug Enforcement Administration jackets swarmed over the Oakland medical marijuana teaching facility at the corner of 16th Street and Broadway before 8 p.m. Monday morning, reports NBC Bay Area. Yellow “crime scene” tape was keeping everyone away.

Kush Weed
Ten grams of pot is not much to be decriminalized — but it’s a 10-gram improvement over what Chicago has now.

​Cannabis users in Chicago may soon be able to stop worrying about jail. Well, at least if they don’t have more than 10 grams at the time.

Several city councilmen on Thursday said they plan to introduce a city ordinance decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana in order to cut enforcement costs and free up police to go after more serious crimes, reports AFP.
More than 23,000 Chicagoans are arrested every year for marijuana possession, according to the Chicago Police Department. The misdemeanor carries up to six months in jail, a $1,500 fine and a criminal record.