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Photo: Dallas/Fort Worth NORML
Danielle Farley, chapter president, University of North Texas NORML, Denton, Texas


There was an unusual sight on the University of North Texas campus recently — a “marijuana dispensary” staffed by members of UNT NORML.

Habitat for Humanity held their annual “Shak-a-Thon” on the UNT lawn campus again this year, and UNT NORML proudly displayed their dispensary while several students lived in it during the length of the event, a three-day, two-night sleep-out fundraiser to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Passersby donated to the shack they enjoyed the most — and whichever shack raises the most money wins.

“It was also a particularly poignant event for us, because we were trying top raise awareness about the housing policy,” said Danielle Farley, president of UNT NORML. “Kicking a student out of the dorms for marijuana possession with little or no notice could land them in a cardboard shack much like ours.”