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U.S. federal government-issued cannabis

Welcome to Room 420, where your instructor is Mr. Ron Marczyk and your subjects are wellness, disease prevention, self actualization, and chillin’.

Worth Repeating

By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)

DEA policy is a violation of the fundamental principles of the scientific method. Seventy-five years of bias must come to an end.
First, the backstory.
Jan 12, 2009:
“With one foot out the door, the Bush administration has once again found time to undermine scientific freedom,” said Allen Hopper, litigation director of the American Civil Liberties Union Drug Law Reform Project. “In stubbornly retaining the unique government monopoly over the supply of research marijuana over the objections of DEA’s own administrative law judge, the Bush administration has effectively blocked the proper regulatory channels that would allow the drug to become a wholly legitimate prescription medication.”
“The federal government’s official policy is that marijuana has no medical benefit.”
The American Civil Liberties Union said in a legal brief that the DEA’s politics are keeping 
cannabis-based medicines off shelves.