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After spending five years in six different prisons across six different states, Canada’s Marc Emery has been scheduled for release and is due back in Canada between August 10th and the 25th.
He recently gave his first interview to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) since earning that release, and if authorities in either country thought he may just silently go about his business after being caged up with thieves and killers for a half a decade, they have sorely underestimated the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot”.

Larry Harvey and Rhonda Firestack-Harvey.

If the last few months of pot tolerance from the Obama administration has left you thinking that all is well in the world of state-legalized medical marijuana, you’d be wrong. A federal judge yesterday refuse to allow a Washington state family to use the state’s medical marijuana laws in their defense against federal charges of cultivation, possession and distribution of marijuana as well as a gun charge for having a firearm “in furtherance of drug trafficking.”

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The house on Allencrest Lane — a tidy four-bedroom, three-bath ranch-style in North Dallas — isn’t the first place one would look for a weed-growing mastermind named Bone.
Nevertheless, that’s where DEA agents tracked down 37-year-old Brian Edward Deloney in June 2010, not to mention several gallon-sized bags of hydroponic weed, nearly a dozen live marijuana plants under fluorescent lights, and a Tupperware container full of cash. Our friends at the Dallas Observer have the full story.

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Facing no less than 15 years, and the very real possibility of a life sentence, 56-year-old John Melvin Walker was sentenced yesterday to 22 years in federal prison stemming from a guilty verdict on charges of tax evasion and drug trafficking.
On April 1st of this year, Walker plead guilty to one count of conspiring to distribute marijuana and maintain a “drug-involved premises”, along with a 2nd count of tax evasion. Walker, who had two prior felony drug-related convictions in the State courts, was the owner of nine lucrative medical marijuana dispensaries strewn across Los Angeles and Orange Counties – a largely cash-and-carry business network that Walker admits bagged him over $25 million in his six years in operation.

Aaron Sandusky faces 10 years to life in federal prison. He will be sentenced next month.

This month will see a number of patients sentenced, sent to prison despite compliance with state medical marijuana laws
Fallout from the Obama Administration’s aggressive federal enforcement in medical marijuana states has reached a fever pitch this month with three people being sentenced, two others due to surrender to federal authorities to serve out sentences of up to five years in prison, and one federal trial in Montana currently scheduled for January 14.

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​A California man was sentenced on Tuesday to two years in federal prison for trying to drive 730 pounds of marijuana through Kansas.

John McCollum of San Francisco pleaded guilty to transporting marijuana across state lines, according to prosecutors, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal.
McCollum was stopped by a Kansas Highway Patrol officer on November 19, 2009 on Interstate 70 in Wabaunsee County. He was driving a Budget rental truck and pulling a trailer containing a Ford F-150 pickup.
McCollum told the patrolman he was on the way from San Francisco to South Carolina, according to U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom’s office.


Billy Benjamin Hayes Jr., 39, is one of Arizona’s most vocal marijuana activists. Few people welcomed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act when voters passed it in 2010 more than Hayes. The lanky father of three is a marijuana enthusiast, a grower for nearly his whole life who imbibes regularly, whether by smoking, vaporizing, or eating.
His name often is seen in Internet forums of the Arizona Department of Health Services, the agency that oversees the medical-marijuana program. Having learned just enough law to be dangerous during an eight-month stint in prison on a marijuana-possession violation, he’s sued the federal government (unsuccessfully) over the law’s 
”25-mile rule,” which limits where patients can grow marijuana, and helps his pro bono pot-activist lawyer, Tom Dean, write court motions.
Hayes needs an attorney because he’s also an entrepreneur who just may be ahead of his time. Ray Stern at the Phoenix New Times has more on Hayes and the state of Arizona’s medical marijuana system.

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A onetime Indy 500 Rookie of the Year is about to realize a dream he never thought possible: to be released from prison. He had been serving life without parole for marijuana trafficking.
Randy Lanier’s days of playing chess and practicing tai chi in prison are coming to a close, as the U.S. government has issued his release from Coleman Federal Correction Complex in Coleman, Florida, according to Autoweek. For years, the popular GTP sports car champion has been reading letters from fans in jail, but now he will have the chance to shake their hands and thank them as he enters his new life outside of prison. More at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

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An Orange County federal judge showed no patience with a dope-loving, convicted felon who sold three firearms to undercover government agents in 2012 and handed him a high-end punishment based on sentencing guidelines.
Brandon Fitzpatrick entered U.S. District Court Judge Josephine L. Staton’s courtroom on Aug. 15 with three prior felony convictions and watched federal prosecutor’s recommendation of a 33-month sentence turn into a 41-month prison punishment. The OC Weekly has the rest.


Every day in prisons across the country, inmates are scheming to devise innovative, or disgusting, new ways to smuggle in drugs, phones, and other contraband. Every day, surely some of those attempts get busted, but maybe none quite as ridiculous as what happened this past Sunday in Jackson, Michigan.
When it comes to ridiculous prison smuggling attempts, there is some pretty stiff competition.

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