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Photo: Michael Gallacher/The Missoulian
Gov. Brian Schweitzer visits a medical marijuana dispensary in Missoula in June 2010. A bill to repeal the state’s medical marijuana law is now on the Governor’s desk, with a decision due this week.

​A bill which repeals the medical marijuana law overwhelmingly approved by Montana voters in 2004 is currently sitting on Governor Brian Schweitzer’s desk. If the Governor signs it, it becomes law, and an estimated 90 percent of medicinal cannabis patients in the state will become outlaws with the stroke of his pen. The Governor’s decision is expected this week.

Sen. Dave Wanzenreid spoke at a Cannabis Expo at the University of Montana over the weekend, telling the group “It’s time to contact your representatives,” reports Allyson Weller at KPAX News. Hearing from the people does make a difference, according to Wanzenreid.

Photo: Michael Gallacher/Missoulian
Jason Christ, founder of Montana Caregivers Network, fires up a bowl

​Police who searched the Montana medical marijuana business run by Jason Christ last week claim they found 729 physician-signed medical marijuana recommendation forms with no patient information filled in.

Law enforcement also seized a laptop computer and other documents last Thursday during a search of the Montana Caregivers Network, which is run by Christ, reports Gwen Florio at The Missoulian.
Several former MCN employees told authorities that Christ kept such pre-signed patient forms, and law enforcement officers who searched the business last week did so based on those allegations, among others.

Photo: Michael Gallacher/Missoulian
Sgt. Collin Rose of the Missoula Police Department watches while Jason Christ, owner of Montana Caregivers Network, looks through computer files Thursday afternoon during a police search of his office.

​Police searched the offices of Missoula, Montana medical marijuana provider Jason Christ on Thursday, seizing business records and at least one laptop computer.

“They’re conducting an audit to make sure no fraudulent paperwork went out,” said Christ, adding that he had long expected a visit from police, reports Gwen Florio of the Missoulian.
“I’m surprised it took so long,” said Christ, who is notorious for smoking marijuana in public places, as he held his trademark gondola pipe.
Thursday’s search warrant applied to “suspected distribution of dangerous drugs,” which supposedly means marijuana in this case, and tampering with public records or information, according to Deputy Missoula County Attorney Andrew Paul.