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Georgia state Sen. Curt Thompson has two plans for legalizing pot next year and he’s not wasting any time getting them into the legislative process. The first bill would give lawmakers the ability to legalize the sale of medical cannabis for patients with certain debilitating conditions — currently there’s a limited, CBD-only law in place.
Thompson’s second bill would legalize the sale of cannabis for adults 21 and up, taxing sales and putting the money toward schools and improving mass transport around the state.

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‚ÄčThe Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said a three-year-old took marijuana to a Lake City, Florida school on Monday.

The sheriff told a local TV news team that the three-year-old showed the marijuana to a classmate in side a classroom, according to News4Georgia.
The Sheriff’s Office said the classmate then told their teacher about the marijuana, and the three-year-old was searched.
After finding less than 20 grams of marijuana on the child, school authorities contacted the child’s mother, who denied knowing where the cannabis came from.