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Eric Hood/OC Weekly.

According to a Santa Ana Police Department investigator, 17 medical marijuana dispensaries were visited by police in the past week. 42 tickets were issued to dispensaries operating in violation of the city’s 2007 ban on pot clubs, three of which–Wax City, Emerald, and Wax-R-Us–have now closed. The operation came in the wake of a July 15 city council meeting in which councilmembers voted to appropriate $500,000 for ongoing anti-pot enforcement actions.

Richard David Benefiel.

A Deer Park, Texas man died from an “unknown substance” while in jail for simple marijuana possession over the weekend.
Richard David Benefiel was arrested early Sunday morning after cops found in his his car with the hood up on a half-abandoned dirt road in League City, Texas. According to police, Benefiel was visibly intoxicated when they showed up. Cops say they couldn’t determine what he was so messed up on, but seem to imply it wasn’t just marijuana possibly could have been a really, really wicked alcohol detox.