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Graphic: Newser

‚ÄčAs of today, July 1 in Connecticut, getting caught with less than half an ounce of marijuana no longer gets you a ride in the back seat of a police car.

Instead, people older than 21 who are caught with up to 14 grams will be given the equivalent of a traffic ticket carrying a $150 fine, reports David Owens at The Hartford Courant. If you’re 18 to 21, you’ll get the same ticket, but with a 60-day suspension of your driver’s license. Those under 1`8 will be referred to juvenile authorities if caught with pot.
Fines for subsequent offenses by adults range from $200 to $500. If you get three or more marijuana offenses, you’ll be required to take some of those bullshit “drug counseling” sessions are your own expense.