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Kym Kemp/Redheaded Blackbelt

‚ÄčBy Jack Rikess

Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent

Driving down 101 South, I was listening to the radio returning home after four grueling days of being embedded with medicinal farmers as they get ready for autumn’s harvest. The challenge of bringing in this year’s crops has been as nerve wracking as Lindsay Lohan approaching a DUI checkpoint.
Between mold, mildew and a growing season that’s been as erratic as Charlie Sheen’s career, the typical farmer has been working about 26 hours a day since July. Your average Mendoite or Humboldtian, is dog tired and dragging from spraying, battling a fungal infestation from early morning to late at night that could possible overtake our agricultural base, affecting the production volume of some of our favorite crops like marijuana, food, and grapes.