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Jenny Kush.

It was one of the most sadly ironic events of the year: On Labor Day weekend — when the heat was on to catch drunk drivers — cannabis activist Jenny Kush was killed by one of those drink drivers, as related in a Westword September cover story, “The life and tragic death of Jenny Kush.”
Now her death has been added to Arrest Angel, a site that chronicles DUI deaths across the country, and asks drivers to “think twice” before driving drunk. Click over to the Westword for more.

Gupta Kush.

A Boulder, Colorado medical marijuana dispensary recently tried honoring CNN’s Sanjay Gupta the best way they knew how: by naming a strain of kush after the well-known doctor who recently came out in favor of medical cannabis as a valid therapeutic treatment.
For their part, Gupta’s bosses at CNN aren’t very pleased. Helping Hands dispensary owner Jeff Kless says the media giant has asked him to stop selling the strain under that name. Kless tells Animal New York, however, that he’s not sure if that’s the route he’s going to take and was waiting for a cease and desist letter before he took any action.