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Photo: I’ve Made A Huge Tiny Mistake
Baby Boomers always said they’d make the coolest generation of grandparents ever. Now they’re following through on that promise.

‚ÄčGrandparents, those members of society who’ve had the most time to accumulate knowledge, experience and wisdom, overwhelmingly favor the legalization of marijuana, according to a new poll.

GRAND Magazine, which calls itself “the only magazine for today’s grandparents,” on Thursday released the results from a poll question which appeared in their March/April issue: Is it time to legalize marijuana? A whopping 85 percent responded that yes, pot should be legalized.
Even readers who don’t use cannabis themselves argued that it is hypocritical to outlaw pot when cigarettes, alcohol and fatty foods are legal, but account for so many health issues and deaths.
They pointed out that cannabis is used to treat symptoms such as pain and nausea, and that in some states it is legal for dispensaries to sell medical marijuana.