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Photo: Michael McElroy/Miami New Times
Irv fires up a federal joint. He works at Fort Lauderdale’s New Bridge Securities, where he is senior vice-president of the stock trading firm. Yeah, his boss is cool with it.

‚ÄčThe next time someone tells you the FDA says marijuana isn’t medicine, remind them that Irvin Rosenfeld gets his weed from the federal government.

Irv tokes up every day in the parking lot of Fort Lauderdale’s New Bridge Securities, which shares a building with the local offices of the Drug Enforcement Administration. And the DEA can’t touch him.
“Marijuana is fantastic medicine,” Rosenfeld said. “Doctors should be allowed to prescribe it nationwide.”

Rosenfeld, who at age 10 was diagnosed with a genetic disease that causes tumors to grow at the ends of his bones, was taking all kinds of narcotics as a kid. But as a 19-year-old who had just moved to Florida on his doctor’s advice, who felt the warm weather would do his body good, Irv accidentally discovered in 1971 that marijuana worked way better than the prescriptions he’d been taking.