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Graphic: Oregon Measure 74

​Oregon voters may notice this election that some big names are supporting Measure 74, a voter initiative that would approve state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Radio listeners on Monday heard a new ad with the voice of former Portland mayor and police chief, Tom Potter, supporting the measure, reports Dan Tilkin at KATU News.
“But I do support Measure 74,” Potter says in the radio ad. “It regulates medical marijuana. That change is overdue. Since medical marijuana is legal, we need to regulate it.”
The measure would allow authorized patients to buy cannabis, so that they would no longer have to either grow their own, rely on a personal grower, or count on other patients with extra medical marijuana.

Graphic: Oregon Measure 74

​The Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association announced on Monday that it is endorsing a measure on the November ballot that would create state-regulated dispensaries for medical marijuana in the state.

If approved by voters, Measure 74 would authorize nonprofit organizations to set up state-regulated dispensaries to sell pot to authorized medical marijuana patients, who now must grow their own, pay someone to grow it for them, or obtain it on the black market.