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Photo: Blogging Vermont Style

​Since it is becoming increasingly obvious that President Obama is going to be asked about marijuana every single time there’s a forum where the public is free to submit questions, it would make sense for the Commander in Chief to bone up on the subject, and at least go to the trouble to prepare some intelligent responses.

Apparently the Administration doesn’t feel that it’s worth their time to do that, though. Obama seems to actually be getting worse at talking about cannabis, as pointed out by Scott Morgan of
“This latest exchange is just embarrassing,” Morgan writes of the President’s latest sidestepping of a cannabis question.

Photo: Winona Daily News

​An 80-year-old Minnesota man is facing felony charges after a marijuana raid, with police claiming he is the leader of a what they called a “large-scale grow operation.” 

Welcome to the world of American drug enforcement, where an old man tending a few plants — at least some of which he had apparently given names — passes through the Drug War looking glass and becomes magically transformed into a major grow-op.
Acting on a tip from a confidential informant, police raided a location just south of Winona, Minn., near a family campground on August 24. They say they found an outdoor greenhouse, three firearms, and Army discharge papers dated from 1953 belonging to the man, reported Leif Knutson at My Fox 9.
The elderly suspect, Donald John Everding, had “several” cannabis plants more than eight feet tall as part of an “elaborate” grow operation, police said, reports Matt Christensen at the Winona Daily News. (Hey, you ever notice how, with the cops, grow-ops are seemingly always either “elaborate” and “sophisticated” or “dangerously primitive”?)