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Photo: Chris Bartkowicz
Happier Times: In 2009 when he uploaded this photo to Facebook, Chris Bartkowicz wrote in the caption: “it’s legal so I started growing it outta my ears. Love this LAW!! LEGAL WEED!!!” He was sentenced to five years in federal prison on Friday.

​Chris Bartkowicz, a Colorado man who ran a medical marijuana growing operation from the basement of his home, was sentenced Friday morning to five years in federal prison.

Bartkowicz pleaded guilty in October to federal drug charges, which vengeful Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided within hours after Chris showed the grow operation to a TV news team.
Under his plea agreement, Bartkowicz and federal prosecutors settled on a prison term of five years, and federal District Court Judge Philip Brimmer chose to accept that deal, reports John Ingold at The Denver Post. His release will be followed by eight years of supervised probation. Under federal sentencing rules, Chris must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence, which means, like the case of Marc Emery, a minimum of 51 months in prison.
“Five years is a long time,” Assistant U.S. Attorney M.J. Menendez said during the hearing. “It’s going to allow him time to get treatment and it’s going to give him time to reflect on what brought him here today.”


​The Christmas Cards for Cannabis effort, sponsored by the activist group Moms for Marijuana, gives you a way brighten the holidays for those who are being held in prison for weed.

“Help bring some hope to these friends of ours who are being held in prison for their involvement with cannabis,” said Amy Green of Moms for Marijuana.
Green invites everyone to join Moms for Marijuana in sending Christmas Cards for Cannabis. You can send a card with warm wishes to someone behind bars for a cannabis “crime.”