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Mario Moretto/Bangor Daily News
Thomas Davis, a licensed medical marijuana grower and caregiver, inspects his only remaining plant after his crop was burglarized Wednesday night. Police eventually recovered the stolen marijuana, and three days later returned it to Davis, who estimates about 85 percent of the crop was ruined by mold after it was stolen

The police brought an estimated $12,800 worth of marijuana to Thomas Davis of Ellsworth, Maine, last week.

While very few of us have had the opportunity to avail ourselves of such an exclusive delivery service, licensed medical marijuana patient and caregiver Davis got the plants back because he had reported them stolen, reports Ron Recinto at The Sideshow. The plants were stolen from a greenhouse near Davis’s home.
Ellsworth Police arrested Aaron Pert, 32, of Trenton, Maine, and charged him with burglary, theft, firearms possession, and marijuana possession after he admitted to the crime. Pert was caught when a car he was in got pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. He was released from jail Friday morning on a $500 unsecured bail.