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While the U.S. government teeters precariously on the edge of complete shutdown, hinging on a hyperbole-ridden argument over whether or not its citizens deserve proper basic health care, their neighbors to the north in Canada are on the verge of another revolutionary leap in government-backed healthcare reform.Starting tomorrow, the Canadian government will begin to pump $1.3-billion dollars into its Health Canada program, earmarked specifically to prop up large-scale free market medical marijuana growing operations across the country, in a move that is expected to create not only jobs and revenues, but hundreds of thousands of new medical marijuana patients as well.


​Jeff McKay has had a stressful eight months as he waits for Health Canada permit allowing him to possess and use an additional eight grams of marijuana to alleviate symptoms of HIV and Hepatitis C.

McKay, 37, of Guelph, already has a Health Canada permit allowing him to possess three grams of marijuana per day, which he takes to improve his appetite that he says has been drastically affected by HIV treatment, reports Thana Dharmarajah of the Guelph Mercury.
“Everything is riding on the balance of possessing that card,” McKay said. Following a doctor’s appointment in February, with a recommendation that he increase his daily intake of marijuana, McKay sent his application to Health Canada.

Photo: Matt Mernagh
Activist Matt Mernagh: Cannabis sovereignty for Canada!

​​It would be reasonable to assume that Canada is in charge of its own medical marijuana program — wouldn’t it?

Apparently not. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the United Nations are offering unsolicited “advice” and “expressions of concern” to our neighbors to the north due to Canada’s 5,000 legal medical marijuana patients.

Thanks to prominent Canadian cannabis activist and writer Matt Mernagh for this excellent guest post, and for being on top of the story. ~ Steve Elliott