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​Nova Scotians on social assistance will no longer be able to get medical marijuana as a “special need.”

The Canadian province’s Department of Community Services is tightening the rules for its special needs funding, reports CBC News. Community Services spends more than $45 million in special needs funding each year.
Until the new decision, some people on welfare had been able to get the department to pay for medical marijuana, because the rules were vague about what, exactly, qualified as a special need.
Between 20 and 25 people who already received such support — including, in addition to marijuana, things like gym memberships and massage therapy — will continue to get it, according to CBC.

Photo: Ian Lindsey/Postmedia News
Grow lights and supplies courtesy of the Canadian government.

​The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has been ordered to pay for the medical marijuana growing equipment of a woman who said she can’t afford it herself.

The Income Assistance Appeals Board ordered the Department of Community Services to pay a one-time setup cost of $2,500 and a fee of $100 every three months for additional supplies to an Amherst woman identified only as Tanya and her husband, Sam. The couple’s last name wasn’t used due to fears that thieves would target their marijuana grow operation, reported the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Photo: Bristol County District Attorney’s Office

​The government of Nova Scotia is facing a lawsuit by a couple who say the Canadian province should pay for their equipment to grow medical marijuana because they’re too poor.

Sam and his wife, Tanya, have disabilities and are on income assistance, reports CBC News. They both have medical marijuana licenses from Health Canada, and are allowed to grow a total of 25 plants.
But the couple said they don’t have enough money to buy the lights.
“We’re out of medication quite often,” Sam said. “We can’t keep up on the amount that we need to grow.”