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Walker County Narcotics Enforcement Team/Daily Mountain Eagle
A large hydroponic marijuana grow room was found inside an Alabama barn by law enforcement. Clueless cop Adam Hadder then told the press that he’d busted a “marijuana lab,” which the gullible media outlets put right in their headlines and stories.

‚ÄčAlabama media outlets, including a TV station and a newspaper, last week reported the bust of a local marijuana grow operation by calling it a “marijuana lab.” While they probably think that sounds a lot more dangerous than “marijuana garden,” it also makes them look singularly foolish.

Dennis “Cowboy” James Davis, 47, of Oakman, Alabama is charged with trafficking marijuana and is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail on outstanding warrants for attempted murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling, according to 42 News.
Davis now faces the possibility of 99 years in prison after police found the hydroponic grow operation in a barn behind his home, reports James Phillips of the Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle.
Now, this guy Davis could well be a violent, murderous douche bag, for all I know, but to report his 400-plant marijuana grow as a “lab” is just silly.