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Local voters seem not to really care much about Pennsylvania State Rep. Paul Costa’s marijuana citation.

​In a refreshing show of common sense, Pennsylvania voters are saying “So what?” after a state legislator got caught smoking marijuana at a tailgate party outside a Steelers game last month.

State Rep. Paul Costa’s citation for smoking a joint isn’t exactly a “burning issue” in his district, reports Jason Cato at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
“To me, it doesn’t in any way affect his performance,” said Jim Curcio, 59, of Wilkins, Pa.
Rep. Costa (D-Wilkins) is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Wednesday due to allegations he smoked a joint with another man on October 3 near Heinz Field. Costa, 51, denied the accusation through his lawyer.
Pittsburgh police have charged him with “prohibited acts,” a misdemeanor.

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Rep. Paul Costa denies that he was smoking marijuana in the parking lot outside a Steelers game.

​A western Pennsylvania lawmaker stands accused of smoking marijuana while tailgating last month in the parking lot outside a Pittsburgh Steelers football game.

Pittsburgh police claim State Rep. Paul Costa, 51, was caught sharing a joint with another man in the parking lot of Heinz Field on October 3. Undercover Officer Alex Lee Myers claims he saw Costa (D-Wilkins) and another man passing the joint between them, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. (Since the Ravens beat the Steelers 17-14 that day, who could be mad at these guys for “allegedly” dulling the pain with a little herbal medicine?)
“He adamantly denies that he smoked any marijuana,” said Costa’s attorney, Phil DiLucente. “No narcotics of any kind were found on him. In fact, he detests marijuana,” DiLucente added.
Myers and police Sgt. Steve Matakovich were walking through the parking lot when they said they saw Costa and Mitchell Brourman, 50, of Edgewood, “smoking and passing between them a hand-rolled white cigarette,” while standing next to a 2008 white GMC Yukon.
Myers claimed he could smell “the overpowering scent of burning marijuana coming from the smoke surrounding both Brourman and Costa.”

Photo: Ross Township Police Department
Motorcycle cop Richard White served for 30 years — then was canned for watering a two-foot-tall marijuana plant.

​A 30-year veteran police officer claimed Tuesday his “curiosity” over a two-foot-tall marijuana plant he “found and watered” caused his career to go up in smoke.

Richard D. White, 58, of Shaler, Pa., said he had no idea how fellow police found out about his little buddy, and said he was told to resign after a meeting with Ross, Pa., Police Chief Ralph C. Freedman on August 23, reports Bill Vidonic of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
“I do regret it,” White said outside his home. “I should have just kicked it over right away.”
White, a motorcycle patrol traffic cop, said he found the plant while on duty about a month ago as he was urinating in a wooded area off Cemetery Lane.
White said he watered the plant once (not by urinating on it), again while on duty, but claimed he “didn’t have any plans” for the illegal little plant.