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If there is a cooler backpack, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it.

​Sprayground has launched an all-new line of cool backpacks, including one in which I’m sure a lot of Toke readers will be interested: the “Pipe Dreams” design.

Yeah, finally there’s a backpack as cool as you are. And it’s that back-to-school time of year, too, so why aren’t you rockin’ one of these around that university campus yet?
Sure, Sprayground creates hot bags with iconic imagery, but the design of the backpacks is thoughtful, too. Each one features a plush velour-lined notebook compartment that will accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop, as well as an inside slip pocket for an iPad or tablet PC.
The main compartment includes inner slip pockets and zippers for organization and other devices like MP3 players/iPods and mobile phone holders.
Sprayground backpacks, including the “Pipe Dreams” design, are available for $48 (plus about $5 for FedEx shipping) directly from and across the U.S. at boutique stores like Kiston and major retailers such as Nordstrom.

Photo: Andrew Bako/NBC
Eric Roberts, now playing the part of a marijuana addict. Hey Eric, any chance of you just shutting the hell up and going home?

​Sometimes fading Hollywood stars, attention junkies that they are, do the dumbest things to keep their names in the headlines. Eric Roberts checked into “Celebrity Rehab” last week, and his wife, Eliza, told the press that he was there to be treated for his addiction to medical marijuana, reports The Huffington Post.

“Eric quit drugs and alcohol in 1995,” Eliza told E!. “He has no interest in anything, other than marijuana.”
According to Eliza, Eric had previously tried prescription pills to treat anxiety, but they didn’t agree with him, so he turned to cannabis for a cure.
To the rest of us, that may sound damn close to “no problem,” but that’s not the way Eric sees it. 
“He uses marijuana as a medication,” Eliza said. “He has a prescription. However, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn’t want to be dependent on it anymore.”

Photo: Bangor Metro

​Maine’s efforts to provide approved patients with safe, legal access to medical marijuana continued Monday in the State House, where health officials are trying to fine-tune the rules and procedures. Two months ago, Gov. John Baldacci signed a bill into law that creates eight licensed medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, along with a state registry of patients authorized to use and possess cannabis.

Some patients, however, say the registration fees required to enroll in the system are too expensive and the amounts allowed are too low, reports A.J. Higgins at The Maine Public Broadcasting Network.